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Seeking a freelance React developer

brettmohr profile image Brett ・1 min read

Hey all, I'm looking for a freelance/contract React developer to build out a marketing website. The opportunity involves implementing an existing design using Material UI and the candidate would ideally have experience with Redux and TypeScript. This is a short-term project with potential for more work down the road. Message me for more details along with examples of previous work and a desired hourly rate.

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joserfelix profile image
Jose Felix

Would love to help you with your marketing website. You can contact me through my website. Likewise we could talk through

brettmohr profile image
Brett Author

Hey Jose, I'll email you. Be on the look out for my message. Thanks!

seanmclem profile image
Seanmclem • Edited

We can DM if you follow back.

shimjudavid profile image
Shimju David

Hello Bret. I'm Interested. You can DM me @ or send an email to shimjudavid(AT)

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Anower Jahan Shofol • Edited

Hi I am a freelancer. How should I contact you?