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How To Thrive In The Tech Industry

Degrees To Help You Thrive In The Technology Industry

Around one-third of American adults have received a four-year college degree. This is the most that the United State Census has ever recorded. With a lot more people receiving college degrees, the job market is becoming much more lucrative. Before taking out a lot of student loans you will want to make the job you are getting is worth it. You will want to make sure you are picking a field that will continue to grow and have jobs available.

One field of employment that is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon, is the technology industry. If you are someone who is looking to go into the technology industry, you need to have a plan. If you don’t know what degree you are going to get, then chances are you may have a harder time finding a job. Here are the best jobs and degrees that are going to help you thrive in this industry.

Computer Hardware Engineer

Computer hardware engineering is one of the highest paying jobs in the technology industry. Their job is to deal directly with the physical components of the computer. They essentially just make the memory cards, processors, routers, and circuit boards work more efficiently. There are even more types of systems engineering online if this is something that sounds interesting to you. Taking online classes makes it easier to achieve your degree while working a different job or raising a family.

Web, Software And Mobile App Developers

With the internet rapidly growing, there is always a need for new content to be created. This is where the developers come in to do their job. They work to create new apps, websites, and anything else on the internet. These people will do everything to create these new apps and websites, from designing the program to write the code. This job is good for someone who enjoys computers but is also creative. The need for web developers is expected to grow 27% between the years 2014 and 2024, this makes it the fast-growing profession in the tech industry.

Data And Cyber Security Analyst

Analysts spend their time combing through tons of data to find useful consumer and market information. This will help companies to know what their consumers like and what they will be more likely to purchase in the future. This type of job requires you to know about not only information technology but also business. So, if you are looking into this career you may benefit from at least taking some business classes if you don’t feel like getting a whole degree. It is projected to have a 9% growth rate by 2026.

Cybersecurity analysts, in particular, are in charge of keeping a company’s systems and information private and secure. They are pretty much like the army of the internet. They will build programs to resist attacks, monitor security breaches, and then test their systems. They are responsible for letting the company know what is the most efficient way to protect their digital resources and assets.

Use These Degrees For Maximum Success

Deciding on a degree to get can be challenging. You don’t want to choose one, spend years going to school, and then when you graduate not be able to find a job. This is a good way to get sucked into a large sum of student loan debt, which is not a good thing. Be conscious of what degrees will help you and what degrees are just a large money suck. The best degree that you can get that you may have not thought of is a business degree.

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