How to Build Your Own Smart Home

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Smart homes are easy to have!

There are so many smart products in the market, and all are marketed with the goal of transforming your home and making it completely automated. The presence of countless products can be confusing, even to people who pride themselves in knowing enough about technology. The good news is that as long as you have the right guidance and you choose the right automation technology software; the process is not as intimidating as it may seem at first.


Select the software


Before you start the automation process, you will need to choose and download the software which is needed for the automation process. When you download the software, you will have what seems like a command center where you can add the appliances and other items that are to be part of the automation system. When you have selected the software that you need to use, you have to run the setup process and make sure that you have completed it before you start the next step in the process.


Adding the appliances


After downloading the software, the next logical step will be to add the appliances. You can start with something as simple as a voice-controlled smart speaker. This is the recommended first item to add to the system because it will act as the home’s command center and you can speak instructions into any appliance or part of the home that you want to control. The speaker system is usually powered by a smart assistant, the application is therefore a hub which you can use to register and control all of your other devices.


Setting up smart lighting


This is the second basic part of the smart home setup. To install the smart lighting systems, you will need to replace your regular bulbs with smart bulbs. Once installed, these bulbs have the ability to receive commands to either glow stronger or dimmer from the command center. For the bulbs to be operational, you have to make a one-time installation of a hub which is placed in the wall and acts as the control center for all the smart bulbs.


Smart plugs for the outlets


The next step in the process is making sure that all the appliances are connected using the smart plug technology. Smart plugs are great because they use a WIFI adapter to make it possible for all the connected appliances to be controlled from anywhere. The smart plugs can be used to control anything from the basic coffee maker to something as complex as a washing machine or the home theatre.


Smart home security


This is one of the most crucial steps in the installation process. When installing smart home security systems, you need to make sure that the quality of the access control systems is excellent and the control mechanism is simple but secure. For instance, the basic smart door lock will work in such a way that when the doorbell rings, you get a phone call and when you answer the call, the door will open. On the other hand, ignoring the call means that the door will not be answered.


Outdoor appliances


The best thing about this technology is that it has advanced so much that even outdoor components of the home such as the swimming pool cost, gate and others can be controlled remotely. You can have the system connected to your pools heating system such that you can control the temperature remotely. It is also possible to perform tasks such as flushing and cleaning the pool using the appliance.


These are some of the steps which you can follow in building your own smart home. The most crucial part of the entire process is to make sure that the entire system is interconnected and that you are able to control everything remotely. If one part of the entire system fails, you can call in an expert to assist you with the troubleshooting and maintenance processes.


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