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Future of IT Security

Future of IT Security

Wherever you look today you can find techs and gadgets that are connected to the internet. Now your phones, watches, speakers, lights, TV, printers and almost all electronic device are connected to the internet. It is important to secure the network from hackers. In the field of IT security, new innovations and technology should always be applied as the hackers are getting more sophisticated and difficult to prevent. For an IT security specialist, it is very important to stay up to date with the latest trends and innovation in IT security.

Big Data Analytics

The next big thing in IT security can be an analysis of big data. We are producing a massive amount of data every day. The problem of IT threats can be solved by the proper analysis of this big data. For Artificial intelligence can be used to enhance the cybersecurity measures in IT. Ai can be a huge improvement in IT security as it is built with machine learning capabilities. It can learn new security trends on its own and stay up to date with all new forms of cyber attacks. AI can be used to follow the pattern changes properly. For IT security it is essential to change the pattern of security after a fixed interval and AI can do this job perfectly. AI can recognize pattern change and follow schedule perfectly as they will be programmed. This eliminates some chance of error that is caused when humans are responsible for the process. AI can be programmed with threat detection features and pattern recognition skills to detect any abnormalities in the system. AI features can be improved to develop more security features that can be used for IT security.

Data transfer technology

Innovative techniques can be applied for faster data transfer with proper encryption. There are many new technologies available that are considered unhackable because of their protective encryption and security measures. Data could be stored properly so that the transfer rate is faster. The data size can be reduced by de-duplication which protects disk space. It will take less time to transfer data that relatively takes up lower disk space. More technologies can be developed in the future that is properly encrypted for the security of data.


The next big things in IT security can be us, humans. Humans are a very essential part to develop IT security. There are three fundamental pillars of IT security. They are people, process and technology. Humans are one of the fundamental pillars of IT security. We need to improve our skills as an IT security analyst and IT security officer. There are many fields of IT security that we can play a part in. The process and technology are made by us. We can create new innovative ways to secure the system. An IT security expert should regularly keep thinking about ways to improve the security of the system.

IT security is very important for an individual or an organization or any nation as a whole. For protecting everyone's privacy proper IT security is essential.

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