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A New look at Blockchain and the World of Security

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The new tech standard in the world is being developed by blockchain. What we have is an undisputed ledger that provides accurate results, that’s supported by research and that completes the digital society we’re building. The completion of this society is only possible when we encrypt data, and this can defend against cyber attacks.


The promises we see with money, a unified world and the larger integration of “the internet of things” can only come together when we ensure the transactions we forward. We’re now in a precarious situation as our daily activities, passwords and accounts are prone to be hacked if without the help of technology like blockchain.


This positions the security industry to benefit and grow substantially as the world changes. Let’s take a look at how and why blockchain is looked to as the answer.


The Start-Ups

You’ve heard of the IPOs and start-ups diligently working to bring improvements to technology. These entities will invite the world into their solutions, and the booming industry for this transformation to take place within is blockchain. The growth of this technology will work closely with the new ideas and emerging solutions of start-ups.


Here’s a list of agencies in security to keep an eye on as great performance indicators:


- ALTR works in data storage.

- Dover Microsystems improves processor security.

- Luminate Security does blockchain security for corporate clouds in the hybrid system.

- Morphisec works directly toward stopping attacks with antivirus technologies.


Cryptography: The Basis of Security

It’s no surprise that blockchain will lead cybersecurity as the ledger itself is designed as an impenetrable system. The art of cryptography was revolutionized during World War II and is carrying-over into today. It’s this encryption process that inspired the way bitcoin now works and why its actual blockchain has yet to fail.


Cryptography deals with encrypting messages whereas those without the deciphering tool can never access the meaning of that message. Blocks are created in this process, and each unit has an encryption on it that’s made from generating random numbers and characters. Only the actual blocks will contain the data and away from criminals.


Data Authenticity

Tampering is a big issue for security companies across the world. Data isn’t just up for being taken; this data can also be altered to present you with a false view. This is where a blockchain ledger can greatly help. The ledger is distributed in a decentralized system, and no single entity holds the central copy to tamper with.


This setup makes the task of tampering one that would expend too much for a simple outcome which may or may not work. Decentralization uses a number of working agents to verify and store data. No single access point is so substantial as to have an entire system relied on it. This reduces tampering and improves the work of security.


Eliminating Third-Party Entities

The banking system is a perfect example of how transactions, which need various stages of verification, are now being bypassed by the technology of blockchain. This pattern will continue and allow security agencies to use a ledger and its automated sequences to replace the “middle-man” and thus minimize the risk of crime.


A Rapid World Change

The world is rapidly changing, and security is a major focus for the transformation that society is undergoing. The more expansive web technology becomes, the more we’ll need to rely on emerging blockchain technology. This tech is here to stay, and companies are now benefiting.


The future is substantial for this technology, and nothing is in its way.

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