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Rense Bakker
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10x developer myth in 2023

My hope for 2023 is that this 10x developer myth will change from how many commits are made, to how well-put-together our code is!

We are not bakers who are paid for the amount of loafs they can bake. We are engineers who get paid for how sturdy our constructions are.

ps.: nothing wrong with bakers. 🍞

pss.: if you want to bake code, ask ChatGPT 😝

Happy new year everyone!
Happy New Year

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Mahmoud Harmouch

Exactly. As an engineer, I think productivity should NOT be measured on time spent and code written to resolve a particular task, but rather on the actual work delivered. Measuring productivity by the number of lines of code written and the time spent is an ineffective way to manage a team. The goal should be to deliver work that meets the required specifications, not to spend the most time or write the most code.

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I am a fan of the last line XD