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Stickers Contest!!🐶😍🤓

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Hello everybody!

I hope you’re doing awesome, I’m very happy with my new job and I got a few new stickers, so I thought that we could do a contest!!! I love stickers, I think is part of our presentation, some people want to fill their laptop cases with them, others just want a few, but stickers are like badges! and they have a lot of stories behind.

So, what I thought was that you can comment on this post with a photo of your laptop case, and the best story you had when you got one of those. All kind of stickers count because there are people like me that get crazy and have tons of panda and huskie's stickers 😅

So, let's be the great community we are, give a heart to all the cases that you like, because of the designs, the stories or whatever, and the winner (there has to be a winner I know) will be the one with more hearts! and will receive Dev.to stickers as a gift from me. The contest end on Friday 7 of December, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. (Mexico City timezone 😉).

I'll share my stickers too, although I don't have a lot right now but I hope you like it and let's see all the amazing stories we have!

As always, hugs and husky love ❤️ Good luck to everybody!

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I'm Brenda! A frontend developer. 👩🏻‍💻 I'm From Mexico 🇲🇽 ❤️videogames ❤️writing ❤️code ❤️mexican food ❤️dogs


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My Laptop

Glad you asked, Brenda. 😃 I think stickers on the laptop are like a silent language of developers. You are sitting in a cafe; you see a fellow developer working there, and the first thing you notice is her laptop, and that's when you get her story. So when I ordered stickers, I thought I should use this language best to introduce myself to fellow developers. Let me walk you through what each sticker represents here.

The Stack: First thing you will notice is the Stack, of course. I'm a huge fan of Javascript and have been working on these web technologies for almost 5 years now. These were the obvious ones.

Get Shit Done: Yes, I'm a GTD person. I keep experimenting with different ways of being productive in my personal and professional life. I write a lot about them on my Medium blog too. Do check them out. I have some awesome tips and tricks for you all. I feel that everyone should have some kind of personal discipline in their life because that's what helps you grow as a person.

Barry Alen: I love The Flash series, not because of the Flash but because of his team. I always tell my Team that this is what our team should be like, that this is the level we should operate on. If you follow Flash you may already know that Team Flash is the only reason that Barry is still alive😃 and this is the real lesson in fact.

"There is always a team behind every great hero. A hero is just a figure that represents the efforts of the entire team."

Sherlock: Sherlock is badass. No one can be him but you can try, and even if you become 5% of him, you are set. I try to be a good observer like him and I believe it's something that we all should practice. Reading the behavior of people is more than just a skill, it's a superpower.

Mordor Mordor: Okay, that one is hilarious. I love both Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings and this was the best sticker to show my love for both. Both are epic sagas. Though there is no comparison, there are a lot of good life lessons you can take from both. Let's talk about them some other time though.

Groot you are: I know that is hilarious too 😂. Yoda is the greatest mentor of all, I feel. Strong message in few words. That's what you want in your mentor, in your master. Groot is just too CUTE 🤗.

Jon Snow and Ghost: In the end, the hero I love the most, Jon Snow. The person that represents sacrifice and selflessness. This should be the core value of every person. "Give more than you take". This is what open source stands for, this is what every developer writing those free tutorials on Dev.to stands for, and this is what Dev.to itself stands for.

Well, that's what my stickers represent. I hope you guys like my story. What's yours?


My dear Sarthak you are the winner of my contest!! YAIII!!! Congratulations and thanks for sharing your stickers! I’ll send you a DM to send you your Dev.to stickers!!


Love your stickers and the stories, specially Groot. I am a fan of Flash, but my favorite character is Cisco, I love his outfit and that he’s always working so hard.
Thanks for sharing your stories behind stickers!


Abstaining from the contest b/c I have DEV stickers, but this is awesome!

Computer top

Computer bottom

Bonus personal computer (only pink stickers)

Bonus filing cabinet


Yes! It's a Google sticker -- they were giving them away along with the Bob Ross one at a conference!


Love the filing cabinet!! Very clever use of your stickers 😄

Side note: It looks like you posted the file cabinet pic twice instead of your personal laptop. We need to see the pink stickers!!


Ah thank you so much! Great catch.


Oh also, I have an instagram pinned story explaining a lot of them if anyone wants to know more!


I want all your stickers Ali! 😍😍😍😍😍they look awesome!


Alt text of image

So these are my stickers, the most important one for me is the one in the middle, because is my own design and when I decided to go for the dev life that I wanted and be sure that I’m never gonna lose the weird personality that I love.
Since that sticker my life changed completely, I got my job, I moved to another city and I'm just truly happy.


My laptop doesn't have any stickers because I don't know how to get cool nerdy stickers, but my dog chewed the corner of this table.

my laptop


That’s hilarious!!!😂 But where is your dog?! 😄🐶


She's downstairs probably begging for cheese.

Awww give her a piece! She’s a dog so she’s beautiful 😍🐶

Dogs are always sweet little hungry pet 😂


I LOVE STICKERS!! I got loads more waiting for new laptops 😛. Collected these from a lot of hackathons, meetups and confs (and few from underground trading).

But no DEV.to stickers yet 😔😔


Oh too bad... the dev.to stickers were available one year ago :|



On the first line, the big red-cross sticker

This years I went to Hacking Health in my current city (Besançon in France). It was really a good moment with people (mainly students). We worked on real life problem, a lot of solutions were found to help people with disability and medical peoples. It was a job with more meaning that all I ever done (in a company). Hackathon are awesome, you should try even if you go alone 🤩

Because I'm very limited by the 12"5 screen, I didn't put all sticker on this computer, I'm now searching small stickers 😉


I don't think I'm going to put stickers on my work laptop because I might not be allowed, and also I don't have any stickers.

My personal laptops have no stickers on them, because I don't have any stickers and they make me feel kinda weird anyway.

Looks like I lose this contest!



I got most of these stickers in conferences like Devoxx or CodeursEnSeine in France.

I got the others from dev.to :)

I have no special story about any of them. I just got them.


My dad recently added one sticker on his laptop, the one from our open source project DeckDeckGo. Needless to say he is the coolest 😉


I work as a freelance (also as an entrepreneur) so I can't have stickers.

I don't see myself showing my notebook with those stickers. They look funny but it also looks unprofessional.


Am I the only guy in IT, who doesn't like stickers on my laptop? :/


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Where can I get some free stickers that sends to Brazil?


Let me know if you found any source and it can be ship to India :)