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The art of lazy painting

Still remember back in the day when a piece of wacom display tablet priced like a diamond? Well, I do, like it was yesterday.

When all my friends were busy learning 3D (this was late 90s by the way) I said to myself "I will never, ever ever, use 3D as long as I'm breathing!" while hugging, smooching with my precious display tablet. I swallowed my own spits by saying that as 3D has been part of my day to day kinda "thing". Still, the tiny voice inside my head despise thinks that 3D is a complete "CHEAT".

All those hard works, studying about shadows, lights, perspectives, colors and whatnot, seems wasted. At least that's what I thought. As a graphic designer, whether I like it or not, I had to learn the witchcraft anyway, and that's how 3D has been part of my day to day life. What can I say, shit happens.

What used to be minutes defining how the shadows/lights work in certain condition or how it impacts certain colors, suddenly become a second "BUT" that's not completely acceptable without further tweaking especially when you are naturally born 2D believer. Painting over 3D is not new, as a matter of fact it's been around since home computers were able to render a still image even though it took days/weeks for complex scenes back then (trust me, I've been there, this is one of the reason why I hate 3D).

As a solo indie developer, paint-over technique would not be categorized as an easy task. One, you must make your own 3D models, dealing with all the bits and bops so it would get the result you want. Two, you must paint-over (obviously!duh!) and get the final render you're looking for. Three, THE CODE ffs!...
Then one would say "why don't you put more efforts on the 3D then forget about the paint-over thingy?", and I was like "Bruh! Are you serious". Seriously, I got asked so many times regarding that and the answer is as stated above.

Then some smartasses would come to my face and say "make a team, find people, let them help" and I was like, " #ThrowMyPhoneOutDaWindow #KickMyDogInTheNuts #SlapMyFatNeighbor #SayMyPrayerToHitler

Aight, that's all


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