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Discussion on: I (definitely) need some help

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Brandon Burzon

Being new to something can be really difficult because what we want to be able to do often surpasses our current skill level. Just like what everyone has already said, keep pushing through that barrier and working on that one thing until you become so good people can't ignore you.

Set a goal to create 2, 5, or 10 different things with the technology/language/framework you are trying to learn. Start creating the apps or sites you use the most (from the calculator to your favorite social media). Stick to it even if you only spend 30 minutes per day.

Remember that you are already one step ahead of the others who haven't made the commitment yet. Watching yourself improve can be very motivating!

Wish you all the best! I have experience in Java so pm me if you have any specific questions, and I’ll try to help.

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Charles Willian Author

Thanks a lot! I should ask something's :D