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Discussion on: I've wrapped up a successful mentorship on - AMA

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Brandon Burzon

Thanks for doing this! I'd love to learn from you. I just have a few questions:

  1. How is your weekly meeting with your mentee structured?
  2. Is there a list of questions you ask each other to guide the meeting?
  3. How do you set goals for your mentee?
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Ryan Latta Ask Me Anything

Thanks for the questions.

  1. Generally, we had 30-45 minute talks once a week (Sometimes more depending on the circumstances). The basic structure was to hear about the week and how they were able to work towards their goals and talk through the struggles that are inevitable. We'd try to end each call with a new step to take.

  2. This opens up to a few larger topics. Yes, there is a list of questions I use. The category of question is known as an Open Question and more specifically Powerful Questions. Here is the "Impossible Dream," question: "Imagine you wake up tomorrow and X is perfect, what is different?" I use these kinds of questions to allow the people I work with to explore their situation, understanding, perspective, and actions. Then I can give specific advice or ask more specific questions.

  3. This is highly related to number 2, but I will use questions like the Impossible Dream question to discover their goals beyond the one they state. I'll ask questions to gain a deeper and more personal understanding of that goal. Then I'll ask questions to set boundaries to know if their goal is accomplished or not. I may give advice on what is reasonable, what is a stretch, what is them taking it too easy. Throughout my engagement, I'll check in and see if that goal is still the goal.