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Dev Learning Hub - a place to share your knowledge with everyone powered with MongoDB Atlas

Overview of My Submission

Dev Learning Hub is the place to share your knowledge with other developers. Dev Learning Hub is a website with the main idea of creating a collection of useful resources based on community feedback and request. That will allow to everyone improve their level skills and also collaborate with other developers to learn together as a community. Some of the features provided by Dev Learning Hub are:

Code Snippet Collection

Code snippets are templates that make it easier to enter repeating code patterns. For that reason, every developer probably has several snippets that can help to do the work easier. Dev Learning Hub wants to have a collection of developers' code snippets of different technologies.

Interview Questions Collection

I believe that each one of us has ever had to prepare for a job interview. Regardless of whether we are students, junior developers, senior developers, or a different role, we know how complicated it can be at first to enter the world of interviews. Over time, some of us gain experience in the process with the help of advice that we receive, or we gain self-confidence to make the interviews much easier.

Dev Learning Hub wants to share a collection of common interview questions based on the community feedback that could help with a future interview process, and also with that, we can learn together as a community.

Quiz Interview Practice

Dev Learning Hub wants to share a simulator to improve your skills and prepare before your interviews with some common questions about different technologies.

Right now just the React quiz interview is available, but during the next few days, I will be adding more information to the other technologies.

Community Requests

Dev Learning Hub wants that everyone shares their knowledge with others, for that reason the Community Request feature is one of the most important. The feature consists of a process so similar as when you create a merge request or pull request for your code. In this case, there is just one difference is that the content of the community request will be to add or share knowledge with the community so could create a community request to add a new free course, a new code snippet, a new** interview question*, after that need to be reviewed for the community and when you have **5 approves* you can merge to the page and will be added to the main content of the page.

Right now we can just create community requests to add new content, however, the idea is that in the future we will community request to edit and remove the content of the page based on the feedback of the community.

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Link to Code

GitHub logo brayanarrieta / dev-learning-hub

Dev Learning Hub - a place to share your knowledge with everyone

Additional Resources / Info

Dev Learning Hub Demo

Rigth now, there is a demo of Dev Learning Hub in the next URL There are some data that I have added and probably I will still add more data on the page, but the main idea is that the community share their knowledge and preference and start to add content so that will allow to the site grow based on the feedback of everyone.

Dev Learning Hub

Build with the help of the next technologies


Database Structure

Database Diagram


I hope you find this article really interesting about Dev Learning Hub, the code is shared so if you have some recommendation or suggestion will be helpful. There is a lot of work to do, so if you have an idea that we can use to improve the process or the main idea of the project, please share 👍.

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