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Bravin Wasike
Bravin Wasike

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I have made over $10000 with these 20+ Websites That Pay Technical Writers $200 to $1000 per Article!

Are you a talented technical writer looking to monetize your skills? Look no further! In this article, we will explore some of the best websites that pay technical writers generously for their expertise.

I am Technical writers focusing on DevOps tools and practices, machine learning and Data Science. I have written over 40 paid articles and made over $10000 with these sites that pay Technical Writers $200 to $1000 per Article!

In my Technical Writing Journey and experience these are the sites that are always actively looking for new technical writers for their technical writing programs.

All you need is to apply to these sites and wait to start writing as many articles as you can. Each site has a specific writing guidline that you must follow and adhere to. After you've submitted your first draft, the editor to help you revise and polish your work. Once your article has been published, you will be paid.

How the Process Works
1. Apply
You will submit an application form to indicate interest in participating in any of these techcnical writing program. The editorial team will review your application and contact you to discuss the next steps.

2. Select or Suggest a topic
After the application is successful you will choose from dozens of topics, or suggest your own. Most of the programs you will suggest a topic based on your area of expertise. The editorial team will revise the topic and decide if its a good fit to their program.

3. Write a draft
Once the topic is accepeted, you will be expected to write the first draft of your article and subtimit to the platform they are using. The article must be original. They usually run plagiarism check. Ensure you read their rules and regulations before joining the program.

4. Get published
Your article will be published on their blog and publicized on their social channels.

5. Get Paid
Once your article has been published, you will be paid.

6. Repeat
You will then repeat the process all over again and write as many article as you can.

If you're a technical writer, or if you're considering a career in technical writing, you're probably wondering how much you can make. The answer depends on a number of factors, including your experience, your skills, and the type of work you do.

However, there are a number of websites that pay technical writers well. Whether you're an experienced writer or just starting out, these platforms offer excellent opportunities to earn between $200 to $1000 per article.

So, let's dive in and discover where you can showcase your technical writing prowess and get rewarded for it!

1. Adeva: Authors receive $200 per article

Image description

Adeva is looking for technical guides, thought leadership content, and resources for Engineering Managers. Each month, they focus on a few specific topic areas, and are looking for authors who understand and can write in-depth resources on those topics.

Topics: Infrastructure, DevOps and Soft Skills

2. Agora: Authors receive $250 per article

Image description
Agora Content Contributors are developers who create tutorials and guides for other developers using the Agora Real-Time SDKs. Their work helps to expand and strengthen Agora's Real-Time Engagement Platform.

Agora pays US$250 via PayPal for each high-quality blog post and demo they publish.
If the post needs to be updated, they pay $50 for each update. All publication and payment decisions are at the discretion of Agora's editorial team.

Topics: API, use the Agora Real-Time SDKs

3. Airbyte: Authors receive $900 per article

Image description

Are you a data engineer, analytics engineer, or software developer with a passion for sharing your data or AI knowledge? If so, you can write for Airbyte.

Topics: There are three types of articles that can be written about data and AI: data insights, data news, and tutorials. Articles must feature Airbyte integrations

- Data insights articles : explore a topic or introduce a foundational concept related to data or AI. They provide readers with new perspectives and insights that can help them make better decisions.

- Data news articles: focus on new trends, technologies, and announcements in the data and AI space. They keep readers up-to-date on the latest developments and help them stay ahead of the curve.

- Tutorials: are step-by-step guides that show readers how to build a data product using modern tools. They can be specific to a particular platform, such as Airbyte, or more general in nature. Tutorials can help readers learn new skills and build their data expertise.

4. Ambassador Labs: Authors receive $300 per article

Image description
This is what their Write for Ambassador Labs site say:

We want to empower developers everywhere to code, ship, and run apps for Kubernetes faster and easier than ever. We do this by providing Kubernetes tools to support developers and by sharing knowledge through educational, hands-on & opinionated content. But we can't accomplish our mission alone - we need your help!
By creating content with us, you will be helping thousands of cloud native developers excel in their jobs while also improving your writing skills

Topics: Currently theye are focused on shipping articles related to their products, Ambassador Edge Stack and Telepresence.

5.AppSignal: Authors receive $300 per article

Image description

For you to write for AppSignal you must have published articles about mid/senior-level Node.js, Ruby, or Elixir topics before. You can dive deeply into a topic, using lots of code examples. You're able to explain difficult concepts in a clear manner.

Topics: Full-stack Development

6. Argot: Authors receive $600 per article.

Image description

Writing is the core of Argot and they believe writers should be compensated well. So we pay at least $600 for each article delivered.

Topics: Front-End Development, Back-End Development, Data Science and DevOps.

7. Auth0's: Authors receive $450 per article

Image description

Articles must implement some part of the Auth0 spec in any programming language. The program offers swag gifts to multi-time authors.

At the moment they are looking for the following topics: Identity & Security Mobile (Native & Cross Platform), Python, Electron, Java and .NET.

8. CircleCI: Authors receive $325 per article

Image description
For CircleCI you will write about only the topics you care about, by choosing from our ideas board, or suggesting your own topic.

CirlceCI technical writing team will get you set up for success with careful editing and feedback from our team about what does well with our audience.

Finally, they work hard to promote you to their audience of developers.

Topics: DevOps, especially CI/CD and DevOps infrastructure.

9. Civo: Authors receive $300–$500 per article

Image description

AuthorYou will write a tutorial or how-to guide and top-down guides at Civo and get paid.

Kubernetes tools: Walkthroughs for Kubernetes tools and apps that solve problems and improve productivity.

Deployment and automation: Walkthroughs for Kubernetes tools and apps that solve problems and improve productivity.

Data processing and storage: Object store, databases, machine learning, and related content.

10. ContentLab: Authors receive $200–$700 per article

Image description

They create content developers and technical audiences like to read. Authors write high-value articles that a developer can use to understand a product, make decisions, or solve programming problems.

Offers paid opportunities for outlining and content planning, plus higher fees for larger projects.

Topics: Front-End Development, Infrastructure, Cloud, DevOps, Containers, AI/ML, Security, Back-End Development and Gaming

11. Dev Spotlight: Authors receive $600 per article

Image description

Dev Spotlight is hiring technical writers to use the latest technologies, write tutorials, and share their best practices.

This is freelance work that you can do on the side, when your schedule allows. You'll choose the topics you find interesting and you can set your own rate.

Also, you'll get to build your portfolio and give back to the community.

Pay may far exceed $600 based on scope & experience. Requires proven technical expertise plus writing skills.

Topics: Infrastructure, DevOps and Full-Stack Development.

12. DigitalOcean: $300–$400 per article

Image description

The Digital OIceana write for DOnations program brings together two initiatives: building content to help developers and supporting tech-focused charities and nonprofits.

Topics: Basic Linux system administration, Linux tools, Docker tutorials, Security topics, Infrastructure and Open Source.

13. $315–$578 per article

Image description

They create blog posts and tutorials designed to reach software engineers. Available topics are sent out every week and writers can claim any they're a good fit for.

*Topics: Full-Stack Development, Data Science and DevOps.
Technical Marketing Content for Software Startups *

14.Fauna: $300 per article

Image description

Authors must use FaunaDB in their articles and tutorials. Also provides Fauna swag to authors.

Topics: Serverless Development and FaunaDB.

15. Hasura: $300 per article

Image description

You will write technical content related to Hasura or GraphQL and they will compensate you for each article of yours that is published.

Topics: Hasura GraphQL engine.

16. LambdaTest: $200 per article

Image description

LambdaTest's guest blogger program is for anyone who is passionate about the developer and testing space.


  • Web Automation Testing using frameworks like Selenium, Cypress, Playwright, Puppeteer.
  • Mobile App Testing using frameworks like Appium
  • CI/CD and DevOps
  • Responsive Testing, Real Time Testing, and Cross Browser Testing
  • Web Development and CSS
  • Thought Leadership

17. LogRocket: $350 per article

Image description

LogRocket Blog is one of the most respected resources on the web for frontend devs.


  • Tutorials on React, Vue, Node.js, Wasm, GraphQL, Rust, etc.
  • Frontend development best practices
  • Product/UX design

18. OneSignal: $350 per article

Image description
The OneSignal Guest Creator Program supports community management efforts by supplementing in-house content production with freelance technical authors.

Topics: Mobile Development.

19. Plural: $300 per article

Image description

Plural is looking for software Engineers, Data Engineers, Kubernetes expert and Open-Source advocates looking who want to share their knowledge with thousands of other developers and open-source enthusiasts.


  • Tutorials on what you built with Plural.
  • Application-specific deployment guides.
  • Architectural comparisons of popular DevOps and Data open-source tools against each other.

20. QuickNode: $350 per article

Image description

The QuickNode Authorship Program is a way for you to support the web3/blockchain ecosystem by writing technical content and getting paid to do it!

Topics: Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and Solana.

21. Semaphore: $400-$500 per article

Image description
Semaphore's blog has gotten over 2.5M people readers worldwide in 2022.


  • Development news worth knowing about.
  • DevSecOps tools and libraries.
  • Continuous Delivery.
  • Software architecture.
  • Culture.

22. Strapi: $200-$400 per article

Image description

They request for articles or tutorials with code that demonstrate how to use Strapi to build different types of applications. The applications should include Vue, Open Source, JavaScript, GraphQL, Jamstack, and React. The author can either choose from a list of existing articles or pitch their own idea.

Topics: Vue, Open Source, JavaScript, GraphQL, Jamstack, and React.

23. Vonage: $500 per article

Image description

Authors are required to write articles and tutorials that feature one or more Vonage products.

Topics: Vonage products, SMS, Voice, Video, Verify and Conversation APIs.

24. Vultr: $600 per article

Image description

They accept most Devops and Vultr cloud topics.
Topics: Vultr Cloud Products.

These are my favorite sites that have pubished most of my technical articles. It is essential to thoroughly investigate the unique attributes of each platform, carefully select projects that align with your particular skills, and consistently produce exceptional content to build a reputable standing in the technical writing field.

Take the first step on your path today and unlock the remarkable opportunity to earn a lucrative income up to $1000 per article while pursuing your passion!

If you are interested in learning technical writing get my Technical writing course today: "From Zero to Technical Writing Hero: Launch Your Technical Writing Career in the Digital Age "

Build your technical writing career now and become the Hero you have always wanted to be.

With this course, you will unlock the doors to an exciting world of tech writing gigs, jobs, and online success!

Course link

If you have any question about how to join these programs don't hesitate to reach out. Remember to connect with me on Twitter and LinkedIn for more insightful articles, tips and discussions.

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This is very comprehensive... Thank you for all you do in the tech community

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Bravin Wasike

Thanks for reading.

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I am currently building my portfolio, kindly share any tip with me on how to promote my articles to the right audience.

Another question I will like to ask is, when I post my articles on different blogging platforms. e.g, medium and hashnode, Do I promote the articles on the different platforms at the same time to my social media? If yes, won't I divide my traffick? Or do I just focus on one blogging platform and drive my traffic to that one platform?

I will really appreciate your response.
Thank you

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Bravin Wasike • Edited

You can add tags when publishing your articles to promote your article. You can share your articles to your social media: Twitter and LinkedIn

For the second question, you can cross post the same article on these platforms as long as you use canonical link that shows where your article was originally published. So that Google cannot flag duplicate content.

You can go through this article to know how to add canonical links on the different platforms

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Thank you for this, I appreciate it

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James Ajayi

Amazing! Thanks for sharing.