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Show Off Your Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards have become extremely popular during the last few years.
Many people find the experience of typing on a mechanical keyboard highly enjoyable compared to that of typing on the common membrane keyboard.
Mechanical keyboards come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and some of the mechanical keyboards are customizable. Some people are even building their own mechanical keyboards. I have seen people that have gone to great lengths to customize their keyboards with stunning results.


Even cats are fans of mechanical keyboards.

My mechanical keyboard

Here is an image my mechanical keyboard. When I was searching for a mechanical keyboard my only requirements were blank keys and to have the escape key be red. Blank keys really assist a person in becoming a touch typist (with the blank keys actually I have no issues typing passwords.)



  • Size: 100% Full size 104 keys (445 x 142 x 30mm)
  • Switches: Cherry MX Brown switches
  • Cable: Braided non-removable USB cable
  • Weight: 1088g (2.4lbs)
  • Backlighting: none

Tell us:

  • How has your experience been typing on a mechanical keyboard?
  • What kind of switches do you have?
  • What keyboard layout do you use?
  • What size keyboard do you prefer?

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skydevht profile image
Holy-Elie Scaïde


I've just bought a Keyboardio Atreus. I had the Ducky One 2 Mini, but it was a tad too heavy in my backpack and the firmware was closed source. I wanted to buy a Planck, but decided to go with a prebuilt 40% instead.

I've gone with brown switches. I'm still learning how to use this keyboard (lots of muscle memories from touch typing on a normal keyboard.)

brandonwallace profile image
brandon_wallace • Edited

Wow! I did not know they had 40% keyboards. That looks really cool. How do you type numbers?
How much does the Keyboardio Atreus weigh? My plan was to have two mechanical keyboards. I would have one for work and one for home to not have to travel with a keyboard. My laptop is under 3.49 lb / 1.59 kg and traveling with it in my backpack hurts my shoulders. Ugh! Lol.

skydevht profile image
Holy-Elie Scaïde • Edited

From their site: 310g (10.8 oz)

You have multiple layer. The default configuration comes with three layers. The second one have numbers and symbols. They are arranged like a numpad and you access them by pressing and holding the fun key. While you can customize the firmware, they have a GUI software to remap the keys very easily.

By the way, it is very small. The size of two external drives

thearctican profile image
Matt Wilson • Edited

I've built quite the collection of custom boards, but I always come back to the Fujitsus. I do enjoy my custom boards and RAMAs, but I'm faster and more comfortable on Topre. The Realforces and the HHKBs see the most action.

brandonwallace profile image

Nice. Thank you for sharing. I love the blank HHKB keyboard you have. What inspired the color combination you selected?

devlorenzo profile image

I don't have one, I only write on laptop 🙃
However, I love the backlit keyboards (especially when colors are combined with the mouse) and with all the possible features (WASD and arrows that come out, lots of shortcuts, and special keys to save you time). My favorite size of keyboard is small enough to write quickly even with a few fingers (I never managed to become a true touch typist).

brandonwallace profile image

Nice. If you do a lot of typing you may actually be a touch typist without knowing it. To find out if you are a touch typist just start typing without looking at the keys. It is pretty easy to learn for tech people because we are always using the computer.