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Yet Another Horizontall Scroller ( in react)


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Yet another horizontal scroller for React.
A simple and lightweight component that allows you to scroll horizontally through a list of items on both mobile and desktop with a small 'stretch' effect.

I couldn't find something fast enough so I made one myself it's simple and effective. Do you encounter any issues please let us know!



npm install yah-scroller --save-dev
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yarn add -D yah-scroller
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Usage :

Add YahScroller to your component:

import React from 'react'
import ReactDOM from 'react-dom/client'
import { YahScroller } from 'yah-scroller'
import 'yah-scroller/assets/style.scss'; 
// you can include the css version if needed

const root = ReactDOM.createRoot(document.getElementById('root') as HTMLElement)
            <h2>Simple scroller</h2>
            <YahScroller className="horizontal-scroll">
                <div key={'c1'} className={'category'}>Category 1</div>
                <div key={'c2'} className={'category'}>Category 2</div>
                <div key={'c3'} className={'category'}>Category 3</div>
                <div key={'c4'} className={'category'}>Category 4</div>
                <div key={'c5'} className={'category'}>Category 5</div>
                <div key={'c6'} className={'category'}>Category 6</div>

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You like it? Or want something to be added?

Please let us know!
What I plan to add:

  • different version to use styled components of someone whishes to use it
  • more customisations possible
  • switch between vertical or horizontal
  • example page(s)

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