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XRPL fun @ KU (XRPL Campus Ambassador Program)

Earlier this semester, as an XRPL Campus Ambassador, I've been giving multiple presentations about the XRP ledger and what involves developing around this ledger. Last week, in cooperation with KU's Blockchain Institute (KUBI) which was kind enough to invite and share their space with me, KU students from all majors had the opportunity to learn a ton about the XRP ledger and various topics within it. Swag and Jimmy John's sandwiches for everyone was provided!

From learning how to research and develop on this amazing ledger, to discovering opportunities that the ledger provides for developers currently building projects using the ledger, such as the XRPL Grants, and for content-creators that can harness Ripple's amazing Creator Fund opportunities!

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Developing on the XRP ledger

Students shared their interest regarding blockchain research opportunities and learning how to develop using blockchain technology. However, they mentioned they didn't exactly know how and where to apply these technologies. In a mix of both technical and non-technical examples, I described how the ledger worked and how easy was to build applications off of the ledger. I showcased multiple blockchain research opportunities that students have, and answered all their questions regarding that exactly meant building these applications using the full potential of the XRP ledger.

Click here to read about the XRP ledger.

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XRPL Grants & Ripple's Creator Fund

One thing that caught attention was the fact that they could learn how to develop on the ledger and get their projects funded. From creating NFTs collections and smart contracts natively on the ledger to building applications such as electronic payments systems and online gaming exchanges, these are all amazing use-cases that students can develop and apply for funding by the XRPL Foundation.

If you want to learn more about these opportunities, then visit XRPL Grants and Ripple's Creator Fund.

Kahoot Blockchain Trivia Game

The event was followed up with a Kahoot blockchain trivia game, in which the winner and all participants received prizes such as XRPL swag (t-shirts, stickers, and KUBI swag), it was great to see over 20 people participating in the game, meaning a lot of fun can be had in these events apart from just talking what blockchain really is.

The creation of a blockchain environment that allows for a collaboration between students is a great way to showcase what these young developers are able to do. These types of speaker events can be an excellent example for students to immerse themselves in the blockchain space while also learning great opportunities that are being offered to and for them.

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