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Mike Tyson of the Cloud for Brainboard

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Top 20 Alternatives for Advanced Cloud Architecture Visualization has been a fundamental tool for designing and visualizing cloud architecture. However, the evolving demands for more sophisticated solutions have led professionals to seek robust alternatives. This article highlights 20 standout tools that offer exceptional functionality, ease of use, and collaborative features for cloud diagramming.

About, also known as, has been a free graph drawing software since 2000, widely used for creating flowcharts, wireframes, UML diagrams, and more. Its timing and utility made it a popular tool for system engineering. However, its limitations in cloud architecture diagramming have prompted a search for more versatile alternatives.

Exploring the Best in Cloud Diagramming

We delved into the Cloud Computing industry's top tooling for cloud diagramming, evaluating each tool against its marketing claims. Here's a summary of the 20 free alternatives to we explored over the past nine months:

  1. Brainboard: Offers design, deployment, and management of cloud infrastructures, translating each resource into actionable Terraform code.
  2. Lucidscale: A part of Lucidchart, it's known for its intuitive design and templates but lacks deployment capabilities.
  3. IcePanel: An IDE for cloud architectures with limitations in design tooling and deployment features.
  4. Terrastruct: Specializes in software engineering diagramming, yet with limited cloud implementations.
  5. Fugue Infrastructure Visualizer: A Snyk tool that excels in security but is not a diagram editing tool.
  6. for Azure: Tailored for Azure, it allows design, deployment, and management within the Azure ecosystem.
  7. Cloudcraft for AWS: AWS-specific, offering 3D design and deployment capabilities.
  8. Cloudokit: Integrates with Microsoft Visio for documentation, but limited to diagrams only.

Designing Flowcharts and Wireframes

Several tools stand out for creating simple flowcharts and wireframes:

  • FigJam by Figma: Known for simplicity and ease of use.
  • Visual Paradigm: An all-rounder design tool, though somewhat outdated.
  • Cacoo: Good for small teams, with limited AWS integration.
  • Miro: A comprehensive tool with a restrictive free plan.
  • Gliffy (Perforce): Smooth interface, lacking actionable cloud resources.
  • Microsoft Visio: A classic but complex option.
  • Moqups: Great for no-code mobile apps, not free.
  • GitMind: Ideal for brainstorming, limited in capabilities.
  • Creatly: Combines features of Notion and Miro, but oversimplifies.
  • Zen Flowchart: Famous for simplicity in flowcharting.
  • Edrawsoft (Wondershare): Best used with its ecosystem of tools.
  • Klaxoon: A Miro alternative from Europe.

Conclusion: The Best Alternative

After extensive testing, Brainboard emerges as the best alternative for visualizing cloud infrastructure, integrating seamlessly with Azure, and offering comprehensive project and environment management capabilities.

Looking for a superior diagramming tool for your cloud architecture? Explore Brainboard and other top alternatives to revolutionize your design and deployment process!

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