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Terraform Modules Catalog

🔍 Challenge: Difficulties in organizing and reusing Terraform code across multiple cloud infrastructure projects, leading to redundant efforts and inconsistencies.

Solution: Brainboard simplifies managing Terraform modules, allowing users to import, manage, and use modules efficiently. This ensures consistency and reusability of code in cloud architecture.

👣 Steps to Success:

terraform modules catalog

  1. Import Modules: Easily import modules from Terraform Registry or GitHub.
    • Navigate to the modules section.
    • Select 'Import Module'.
    • Paste the module URL and import.
  2. Manage Modules: Organize and modify modules within Brainboard.
    • View all imported modules.
    • Edit or update module settings as needed.
  3. Use Modules: Implement modules in your projects.
    • Browse through the available modules.
    • Select and apply them to your projects.

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