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Terraform Cloud Alternative: Cloud Infrastructure Software Compared

Simplify the learning curve of visually building cloud infrastructures using Terraform through a collaborative process, guiding users to use the best practices for each cloud provider, making it a viable Terraform Cloud alternative.

Feature Brainboard Terraform
Diagram to Code Auto-generate Terraform code Not Available
Migrate to Terraform Import Terraform Code, Import from Git, Terraformize your Azure infrastructure Not Available
Cloud Resources AWS, Azure, OCI, GCP & Scaleway Available
RBAC Dynamic per project, environment, workflow, and architecture Static per workspace
Security SSO + Internal + Terraform Vault Terraform Vault
Git versioning GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Azure DevOps Available
Cloud Templates Provide a self-service model Not Available
Collaboration Synchronous + Asynchronous Not Available
Granular access to variables & secrets Projects, Environments and Architectures Per workspace & variable sets
Workflow Automation Drag & drop visual CI/CD Engine Manual YAML-based coding
Plan & Apply Available Available
Flexible support model Slack, Live Chat, Workshops & Email Email & Chat support

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