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Retail Industry Use Case with Brainboard: Enhanced Supply Chain Visibility and Management

Digital is your storefront. Always be open!

Grow Your Retail Business With Brainboard

Deliver A Superior Digital Employee Experience

Maximize your existing IT infrastructure and deliver a more stable, scalable cloud infrastructure solution for your store, boutiques and pop-up stores.

Scale To Your Biggest Day

Peak season contributes 20-30% of all retail sales annually. Are you ready to meet the traffic spike this holiday season? Brainboard helps your IT business scale to its biggest days. Partnering with major cloud providers, Brainboard can help your reduce risk, boost scalability and optimize your cloud spend with real-time visibility accross your modern cloud environments.

Reduce Cloud Operating Costs

Margins are everything in the retail world, and cloud is a very real expense. Creating a modern infrastructure deployment pipeline with a good visibility and collaboration workflows, with a robust set of cost controls are proven to reduce waste, idle infrastructure, and over-provisioned services.

Deliver Better Customer Support

Brainboard facilitates this by making it easier to try new services and prototype new architectures while keeping a very close eye to expenses and security.

Retail Industry Use Case with Brainboard


Retailers often struggle with maintaining an efficient supply chain that can adapt to sudden changes in demand or disruptions. Traditional methods may lack the agility needed for rapid configuration adjustments across a network of suppliers and distribution centers.

Solution with Brainboard:

Brainboard simplifies the deployment and management of cloud infrastructure across the retail supply chain. By using Brainboard’s visual interface, retailers can create and modify their cloud environments that support supply chain operations, enabling seamless integration across various stages—from procurement to delivery.


  1. Visual Configuration: Retailers can use Brainboard to visually map out their entire supply chain network, designing configurations that enhance logistic operations.
  2. Dynamic Scalability: Adjust resource allocation in real-time to meet varying demand without manual intervention. This includes scaling up cloud resources during high sales periods and scaling down during off-peak times.
  3. Compliance and Security Automation: Automatically enforce security policies and compliance standards across all nodes in the supply chain, reducing the risk of data breaches and regulatory penalties.


Retailers achieve a more responsive and resilient supply chain, capable of adapting to market conditions and consumer demands with greater agility. Improved operational efficiency and reduced downtime lead to increased customer satisfaction and reduced operational costs.

With Brainboard, retailers can ensure their digital storefronts are always open, delivering superior digital employee experiences, scaling effectively during peak seasons, reducing cloud operating costs, and enhancing customer support. Brainboard's visual interface simplifies supply chain management, offering dynamic scalability and robust security compliance. This leads to a more agile, efficient, and resilient retail operation, driving increased customer satisfaction and optimized operational costs.

You can also schedule a demo with a Retailer pro to learn exactly how Brainboard solution can help you.

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