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Learn Cloud Computing in a very different way

Brainboard is a comprehensive diagramming solution that surpasses many other options in the market. It combines features from popular diagramming tools such as Microsoft Visio, Lucidchart, (formerly, and seamlessly integrates with deployment and version control tools like Terraform Cloud, Git, and CI/CD platforms. This all-in-one solution helps streamline processes and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) best practices, making it suitable for a wide range of users, including students, teachers, and schools. By consolidating these capabilities, Brainboard aims to replace multiple scattered tools and unmanaged processes, providing a more efficient and cohesive experience.

Your infrastructures use cases, class templates and more — all in one place. Free for students and teachers, with discounts for teams and schools.

Designed for the future generation of Cloud Architects & DevOps professionals

Identify bottlenecks in a haystack of code

The experience of Infrastructure-as-Code, simplified visually. Import Terraform and visualize your infrastructure at t=0.

Generate Terraform

Bring ideas to life with Brainboard’s design to code

design cloud infrastructure

No need to write the terraform code, Brainboard autogenerates the full code for you as you configure your cloud assets.

Test, fail and learn from your infra until it's ready to be deployed

Study real cloud infrastructure use cases and teach smarter, not harder.

Deploy on the fly and optimize your cloud cost and security postures

CICD deployment

Stop learning theoretical concepts and start applying real-case Infrastructure-as-Code actions.

Build production-ready architectures templates and modules your students can reuse

Terraform templates
Many diagrams for different purposes you can reuse, configure and share in the templates catalog.

Document everything you have in the Multi-Cloud

Terraform documentation

Document and collaborate on scaling your infrastructure, one change at a time.

Govern your School's most important assets

Terraform variables management

Manage your school's cloud projects, class environments, architecture notebooks, and CI/CD workflows.

Improving productivity everyday for students & schools

  • Real: Accelerate learning of real-case scenarios
  • Visual: Inclusively designed to be simple and a smarter way to learn
  • Support: Support student, teachers and staff at all time
  • Trust: Improve efficiency in security and cost reduction

Free for students, 50% off for teams

Free for individual students & educators

Terraform command

Organize your personal infrastructures and deployments with Brainboard’s free Education Plan. Unlimited architectures, terraform code generation and versioning. Just sign up with a school email address. No credit card required.

  • AWS, Azure, OCI, GCP & Terraform
  • Auto-generate terraform code
  • All Terraform actions
  • Architecture templates

Why is Brainboard free for students and educators?

Brainboard is committed to accelerating the digital transformation of education in collaboration with the entire educational community, including learners, educators, administrators, and researchers.

  • Every student deserves equal access to education, regardless of their location or learning preferences.
  • All educators should have access to an appropriate solution tailored for real-world infrastructure scenarios, regardless of the audience or complexity involved.

What happens when I graduate?

You can continue using your free student account as long as it’s associated with a university email address. You’ll have the opportunity to change your email address and switch to a paid plan upon graduation. We hope you’ll stick with us 🤞

50% off for teams, clubs & classes

Cloud Management Solution

Keeping a group infrastructure organized? Collaborate in one place with Brainboard’s discounted Starter Plan. Currently available for higher education and professional institutions around the world.

  • CI/CD Engine
  • Full technical support
  • Self-hosted versions
  • Whiteboard diagramming and beyond

Am I eligible for free Education Plan access?

Brainboard's Education Plan is available for:

  • Higher education: Colleges and universitiesPrimary and secondary schools:
  • Public and private schools, school districts, state departments, and ministries
  • EdTech companies: Educational technology providers, startups, and enterprise software
  • E-learning platforms and initiatives

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