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πŸ“Œ Implementing a Secure Baseline Scenario in Azure App Service Landing Zone Accelerator

Discover how to implement a Secure Baseline scenario in Azure App Service Landing Zone Accelerator. Dive into Azure's security strategies, principles, and resource ecosystem for enhanced app deployment.

❢ Introduction to the Secure Baseline:

Azure's Secure Baseline scenario is revolutionizing app deployment on its multi-tenant cloud platform, ensuring modernization, scalability, and security for both new and existing web applications.

  • **Redefining App Deployment: **Azure's Secure Baseline scenario offers a fresh perspective on deploying and managing applications.
  • Modernization & Scalability: Azure provides a fortified environment for building and modernizing web applications.

❷ Unpacking Landing Zone Accelerators:

Azure App Service simplifies web app deployment, and with Landing Zone Accelerators, it expedites production-ready deployments by integrating best practices, architectural insights, and flexible infrastructure-as-code templates.

  • Simplified App Deployment: Streamlined approach to deploying web applications.
  • Accelerated Deployments: Fast-track production deployments with best practices and adaptable templates.
  • Informed Decisions: Secure Baseline aids in making pivotal infrastructure decisions for Azure App Service deployments.

❸ Azure's Security Strategy & Principles:

Azure adopts a layered security approach, ensuring comprehensive protection across its networks and systems.

  • Multi-Layered Security: Azure's principles focus on security at every juncture, from isolating network layers to regulating traffic.
  • Security Implementations: Azure provides two security strategy implementations: Terraform and Bicep.

❹ Exploring Azure's Resource Ecosystem:

Azure's resource ecosystem is vast, ensuring connectivity, security, data management, monitoring, and more.

  • Connectivity & Security: Azure Front Door and WAF offer a secure gateway for internet requests.
  • Interconnected Resources: Features like Private Endpoints, Private DNS Resolver, and Private Link Subnet enhance VNet's secure communication.
  • App Service Excellence: Azure App Service Premium hosts API applications, bolstered by features like App Service Slot and Defender for App Service.
  • Data Management & Security: Azure SQL DB and Azure Key Vault ensure robust database services and secure key storage.
  • Monitoring & Analytics: Tools like Azure Monitor and Application Insights offer in-depth monitoring and analytics.
  • Identity & Access Management: AAD provides a cloud-based identity solution.
  • Network Topology: Azure's hub-and-spoke configuration, including Ingress Subnet and DevOps Subnet, defines its VNET setup.
  • Firewall & Connectivity: Azure Firewall and Azure Bastion offer network security and RDP/SSH connectivity.
  • Storage & Configuration: Services like Premium Azure Cache for Redis and Container Registry enhance storage and configuration.
  • Domain & Connectivity: Azure DNS ensures efficient domain registration and connectivity.
  • Network Integration: Subnet Hub Peering connects hubs and spokes for seamless network communication.


Azure's Secure Baseline scenario in the App Service Landing Zone Accelerator provides a roadmap for secure and efficient app deployment. By leveraging Azure's security strategies, principles, and resource ecosystem, businesses can ensure a fortified and scalable application environment.

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