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πŸ“Œ How to manage cloud infrastructures at scale?


When managing cloud infrastructures at scale, you may want to keep your environments (for e.g. QA, staging, prod...) close to each other.

You can achieve this by synchronizing a architecture across multiple environments, which means that any modification you do on one environment will be automatically replicated/synchronized with all synced envs except the values of the variables that are supposed to be specific to each env.

This allows you to maintain a consistent infrastructure across all your development, testing, and production environments.

Create a synced environments

Here are the steps you can follow to implement environment sync in Brainboard:

  1. Create the design and Terraform configuration for a specific architecture within a specific environment, for example dev.

  2. Go to the project selector and select hover the architecture that you want to sync and click on the clone button:

synced environments

  1. Follow the steps below
  • Add the target environment where you want to clone your architecture. For example QA.


  • Choose a new name for the architecture

Choose a new name

  • Click on the sync button to keep the source and destination architecture synced

Sync button

  • Apply the changes by clicking on next

Apply the changes

View synced environments

Once the architecture is synced, you see a new button in the options bar to indicate that:

View synced environments

When you click on the sync button you can see all synchronized environments for this architecture.

architecture synced

Un-sync environment

To un-sync a specific architecture or environment, click on the sync button available in the options bar, then click on the Unsync architecture to unlink it from the synchronized environments.

Un-sync environment

Manage your cloud infrastructures at scale here πŸ‘‰

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