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8 Essential Free Resources for Cloud Architects and DevOps Practitioners

Boost your skills in cloud architecture and DevOps with our top 8 free resources. Learn about Terraform, Azure, CI/CD, and more to advance your career in the cloud.

In the fast-evolving world of cloud technology, Cloud architects and DevOps practitioners must continuously update their skills. With new cloud services and features being released regularly, staying abreast of the latest developments is crucial. As the demand for professionals skilled in Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and Terraform grows, these free resources can be invaluable in keeping your skills sharp and your career on track.

8 Free Resources to Enhance Your Cloud and DevOps Skills

1. Terraform in 45 min

Learn to manage cloud infrastructures efficiently using Terraform. This resource is perfect for beginners and intermediate users looking to refine their Terraform skills.

2. Terraform Variables and How to Use Them

Understand the types of variables in Terraform, their applications, and best practices for using secrets. This guide is essential for mastering the intricacies of Terraform.

3. Terraform Modules and How to Use Them

Dive into Terraform modules, learn to create your own, and understand the challenges and best practices of maintaining modules within a team.

4. Build the Azure Landing Zone

A practical guide on designing and deploying a hub and spoke landing zone in Azure. Ideal for those looking to specialize in Azure infrastructure.

5. What CI/CD Means for the Infrastructure

Explore the latest trends and best practices in CI/CD. This resource includes real-world examples showing how continuous integration and delivery can streamline cloud infrastructure management.

6. Disaster Recovery for Cloud Infrastructures

Learn the fundamentals of disaster recovery planning for cloud infrastructure. Discover best practices and real-world examples of successful implementations.

7. Secrets in IaC and Building Secure Cloud Infrastructure

Gain insights into managing sensitive information in cloud infrastructures. Learn about security best practices and explore real-life use cases like Azure Key Vault and AWS KMS.

8. Unified Design Platform, Beyond IaC

Discover Brainboard’s approach to “design first, code when needed” and learn how to ensure that your infrastructure is secure, compliant, and budget-friendly before executing any code.

Conclusion and Additional Resources

These resources offer a wealth of knowledge for Cloud architects and DevOps practitioners looking to stay ahead in their careers. For those interested in receiving these resources in PDF format or accessing video content, visit Brainboard’s YouTube channel.

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