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re: How old were you when you wrote your first line of code? VIEW POST


I was in middle school programming what I thought was the only way.

using batch files, GOTOS, help, and pure trial and error on windows xp

  • I didn't have access to the internet, or know what I would even search for on
  • I didn't know what "programming" was. I thought I was doing hacking 😎
  • I spent a full week figuring out the correct syntax to get user input
  • I tried every single command available to CMD and read every single help output for each command.

I ended up making a simple math games, random scripts that made it look like I was actually hacking (fake blue screens of deaths), changing the CMD thru rainbox colors, play Star wars thru telnet, etc.

It wasn't until college I realized I had no idea what I was doing at the time 😄 but the experience did give me a good idea that I'd go into "Computer Science" when I got older haha


Wow! This is a very interesting story! #MrRobot 😁

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