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I started learning typing at a young age, but didn't get serious about it until I knew I was going to end up in tech around my early teens.
At that point learning to type was more about being able to type something in chat before I was about to re-spawn in Halo than learning any valuable skill!
Even then I was able to type decently fast, with bad habits, and looking at the keyboard. This worked for a good while as I knew what I wanted to type, and just needed some visual feedback. I slowly was able to look less and less at the keyboard over time, but I never found it to be that big of a deal.

I only really had to commit to touch typing once I got an ergonomic split keyboard, where "reaching" for other keys became impossible as the distance went from an inch or so to almost a foot between where my hands were placed. Such a setup bashed out the rest of my bad habits. Even today if I have to type a && or * I'll probably look down on my keyboard to double check the placement of those keys. Does it hurt productivity? Maybe, but so does spelling variable names wrong, and not thinking of a good name in the first place!

Now I'm not sure if touch typing is the most important skill developers don't talk about, I think communication is probably the #1, as you can type slowly, but be more effective when you type. You also can be writing code that is highly complex, where typing it is actually the "easy" part.

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