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Why is JavaScript so Important?

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JavaScript is one of the core technologies of the World Wide Web. JavaScript is a high-level, interpreted programming language, meaning that most of its instructions execute directly without having to be compiled. The most enticing feature of JavaScript is its ability to make web pages interactive. The JavaScript language supports dynamic typing, functions, prototype-based orientation, and a plethora of APIs allowing you to work with arrays, text, regular expressions, dates and the Document Object Model (DOM).

JavaScript was initially only implemented client-side in web browsers, but now,JavaScript engines are embedded in many other types of host soĞware, which includes:

  • Server-side in web servers and databases
  • Non-web programs
  • Runtime environments which make JavaScript available for writing mobile and desktop applications

It is hard to imagine a web browser with no scripting, except for HTML, in 2019. There would be no interaction, no dynamic content, no communication with the OM. Worse than that, imagine a world without JavaScript entirely. There would be no JSON, no Query and no AJAX. If there had been mobile applications, it would have been more difficult to write.

JavaScript features
Let’s explore the ins-and-outs of JavaScript, so some of the features listed here in the next list might be covered sooner than the others. It just depends on the complexity of the feature as well as our level of understanding of JavaScriptand its features.

The following list highlights a few awesome features of JavaScript:

  • Validating the user’s input
  • Client-side calculations
  • Browser control
  • Platform independent
  • Handling dates and time
  • Generating HTML content
  • Detecting the user’s operating system information
  • Create new functions within scripts

By being embedded in other types of host,the software makes JavaScript more versatile, more powerful and more adaptable to change across platforms. With this, we have also answered the question of why there is a need for JavaScript.

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