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Top Challenges in Application Security

Application security challenges lie not only in the threats and application vulnerabilities themselves but also in the processes and approaches taken within the organization to manage application security. The following below points explain various challenges posed for application security:

Lack of security awareness
Lack of awareness of major threats existing in the applications among the peers and correct security control measures to be taken.

Sometimes, even experienced web application developers are overconfident about their coding practices and make big assumptions about the security provided by their programming frameworks and security protocols, resulting in poor programming and attracts hackers to find vulnerability in their application.

Lack of resources and experts
Inconsistent testing demands due to the agile development environment result in continual application releases.
Expertise is required for in-depth manual testing and test analysis along with running and interpreting results of automated scanning programs.

Rapidly growing zero-day vulnerabilities
New concepts and threats growing at an exponential rate in today’s Digital World make the lives of hackers easy and force a Security professional to think two steps ahead of a hacker and to keep track of new and possible unknown vulnerabilities originating and how to tackle them.

Increasing functionalities in the application
Modern sites now include numerous functionalities like password recovery, username recovery, password hints, and an option to remember the username and password on future visits, etc. thus increasing the site’s attack surface.

Hope this was helpful.

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