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Tips To Generate A Strong Password

Numerous internet security firms have examined and analyzed the millions of passwords leaked in various data breaches. Almost everyone agrees that the most common password used by people is: 123456. The second most common password is usually either password or 123456789. We often overestimate our ability to make up good passwords. We often tell ourselves that coming up with secure passwords is easy. In fact, some websites on the internet also claim to provide useful techniques to generate secure-yet-memorable passwords, such as:

  • Sentence abbreviation: I know what you did last summer!! can be written as!kWyDL5!! which is a somewhat strong password.

  • The XKCD technique: First suggested by popular comic, it involves combining four common unrelated words such as CorrectHorseBatteryStaple to form one secure password.

  • Mnemonic devices: For each account, imagine an unlikely scenario and
    make a mnemonic device, for example, for your Gmail, think of a Shark riding a Pineapple on NH7, and combine them to create GmSh4rN3aPnh7!

  • Language-mixing: This only works for non-English languages that use an alphabet/script different than the Roman alphabet. Writing native words in the Roman alphabet/script can qualify as a pretty secure password under most circumstances.

These best practices will help you create strong and easy-to-remember passwords everytime.

Hope this was helpful.

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