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The many names of the Internet of Things (IoT)

It is a fact that most of the industries are benefiting from IoT Development. Various applications have been developed to support the development across different domains. This diversity brought different names of IoT. These names are a little different in meaning such as Web of Things, Industry 4.0, Intelligent Systems, Pervasive Computing, Smart System, Industrial IoT, and Machine to Machine communication. Tech giants like Cisco and Intel are using these names: Internet of Everything and Embedded Internet instead of IoT.

Let’s see the many names of IoT across the industry:

IoT as Web of Things/WoT: This name came when things are converted into web-present. It is done either through embedding with a web server or hosting a web presence within a web server. Sun Microsystem’s Project, JXTA gave this name to IoT and described the set of protocols for creating applications. An architecture of web-based IoT has been proposed by integrating into as a part of the Web and HTTP protocol.

IoT as Wisdom Web of Things/W2T: This name is used for representing intelligence and creating knowledge from the collected data. Here, wisdom is describing that the device is itself aware and can provide accurate services on time for the right objects.

IoT as Future Internet of Things/FIoT: This name came after the development of the IoT using innovative technologies, extracting data from sensors, and transforming it into appropriate knowledge. Here, the word future Internet is representing the use IoT for referring to future applications, which is accessible via the Internet.

IoT as Agents of Things/AoT: Researchers brought this name for removing the impact of IoT limitations with respect to intelligence. An AoT must have intelligence capability, critical thinking, and internal reasoning. It enables the devices to interact with other devices or objects automatically.

IoT as Cognitive Internet of Things/CIoT: It is used while intelligence has been added to the IoT devices for improving its performance and obtaining intelligence. CIoT-based devices can explain the existing business types and networks. It performs analysis using knowledge and builds intelligent decisions. It can easily control actions within the device to fulfill all types of requirements.

IoT as Social Internet of Things/SIoT: This name is given to IoT for describing the social relationship among objects. The Social Network of Intelligent Objects is the core theme behind this name.

IoT as the Internet of People: When people started becoming part of the Internet and intelligent network for establishing, interacting, and sharing information, then this name was used for representing the IoT.

IoT as Cyber Physical System/CPS: This name came due to the major influence of the real-time, embedded, and distributed sensors system. The integration of this kind of system, which is embedding various computers and networks for processing, monitoring, and controlling the physical processes, is generating the sensing.

IoT as Industrial Internet of Thing/IIoT: This name came when IoT projects were developed for manufacturing industries. IIoT is a fourth industrial revolution that is using IoT techniques in the industry business. IoT started connecting the devices and objects in plants, process controls, and dispatch centers. General Electric proposed this name. European initiatives started to use the name Industry 4.0 in place of IIoT. Thus, it is also known as Industry 4.0. The main objective of the IIoT is to use sensors, big data, wireless networks, artificial intelligence, big data, analytics, cloud, and other technologies for measuring and optimizing the processes. The cost savings, enhancing workforce productivity, and generating revenue are primary purposes for bringing IIoT in businesses. Building things to smart such as ‘smart manufacturing,’ ‘smart digital supply chain,’ ‘smart power grids,’ and ‘smart logistics’ are the main uses of the IIoT.

All these names are describing a different meaning of IoT. The developers and researchers kept the name based on research work. For instance, the increased use of IoT by common people brought the name “Internet of People”. Currently, major names have been discussed that came into existence until last year. In the future, we will get other new names of IoT.

Hope this was helpful.

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