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Top 15 Famous Websites Built With Python

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Top 15 Popular Websites built with Python

Python programming language is an advanced programming language that has gained high popularity. It has applications in web development, data science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big data, and more. Today, many companies are moving towards Python web programming for their technical requirements.

Some of the top tech companies using Python include Google, Pinterest, Instagram, Spotify, and more. Python developers love the language because of its readability and simple syntax. It is widely useful in game development, social networking applications, and data visualization as well.

In this article, we will look at the top 15 apps made with Python. We will outline how they are using Python web development services in their technology stack.

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Top 15 websites made with Python

Here’s a list of the top 15 web applications built with Python:-


The world’s most popular streaming website, Netflix, was built with Python. Because of its batteries-included standards libraries, developers choose Python for development. The clean and expressive syntax makes website building with Python an easy task. The programming language in scaling and handling massive amounts of traffic.


Another popular website using Python is Google. The language and its complementary framework allow developers to switch the traffic and handle the search requirements for each and every level. Google is a Python web application that runs seamlessly without many issues in the development process.


A sister concern of Google, YouTube was majorly written in Python. It offers multiple features and libraries that make the experience interactive for the users. It has been coded in a way that simplifies the process of uploading videos, downloading, and sharing them. YouTube is now the world-leader in online video streaming.

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