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COVID-19 crisis pushing organizations deeper into Digital Transformation

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“Every crisis brings with it an opportunity to adapt. The business that molds itself into a crisis-adaptability machine without sacrificing its values, usually wins.”

You would have never thought that a pandemic would force your business to switch lanes. While the traditional route seemed to be working perfectly fine, COVID-19 drove you to innovate, adapt, and initiate an enterprise-wide digital transformation.

As CEOs and digital leaders, it is our responsibility to consciously understand how digital transformation will drive us to restructure our business.

COVID-19 confirms that even the proven business models can crumble to the ground. Enterprises that didn’t support remote work for even a few employees earlier are now witnessing 25 to 40 percent productivity increase – with entirely remote teams.

Digital transformation 1.0 was all about mobile and web applications, social media, IoT, cloud computing, and legacy architecture. With COVID-19, Digital Transformation 2.0 came into action with a greater focus on – mobility, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, Robotic Process Automation, and digital-first approach.

However, even after understanding all of this, you may feel that your organization is not ready for digital change. But that was before COVID-19.

Now the pandemic is here, and believe it or not, it’s time for an enterprise-wide digital transformation.

Digital transformation using RPA is the first step to organizational success. Read this blog about enterprise digital transformation through RPA and start on your automation journey.

3 signs your business is ready for digital transformation

As business leaders, we might get confused as to whether a decision is right or wrong when favourable outcomes do not support it. However, you should not worry about the decision to change in your organization during COVID-19.

The pandemic has now become an essential driver of digital transformation, and it has prepared you for it without you even thinking about it.

Here are 3 signs that tell you should kickstart digital transformation in your business:-

- You are thinking of hiring a Digital Officer

  • The first and foremost sign is that you are thinking of hiring someone who could drive a digital initiative in your organization. It could mean someone who assesses the existing legacy systems and builds a strategy for a digital transformation infrastructure.

  • Hiring a Digital Officer during the pandemic, when resource constraints prevail, is a promising sign that you want to onboard the transformation journey. The appointed officer would focus on leveraging data to strategise the initiative and determining how maximum value can be delivered to the stakeholders, customers, and employees.

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