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5 Website Examples built with Ruby on Rails

best Ruby on Rails Projects

In the past 10 years, our developers have worked with over 100+ Ruby on Rails projects. They have built high-performing, powerful, scalable, and reliable Ruby on Rails applications for clients all over the world.

Some of their best work – from easy Ruby on Rails projects to challenging RoR applications, is here for you to examine and get a deeper understanding of their skills and talent.

Today, we are going to look at the top 5 cool Ruby on Rails projects that the team has developed.

5 Top Ruby on Rails Projects Examples at BoTree

If your business needs a web application or wants to explore Ruby on Rails outsourcing, this article will give you a complete idea about our capabilities and expertise.

On the other hand, these will also serve as good case studies in Ruby on Rails projects for beginners who want to understand the process of Ruby on Rails application development.

If you want to know what makes Ruby on Rails the best framework for mobile and web apps, read this blog.

1. The Fifth Collection – Ecommerce Store

eCommerce Marketplace Fashion App

Let’s begin with Ruby on Rails projects examples in the eCommerce Industry.

The Fifth Collection, now a leading online vintage and luxury fashion portal, is a world-class Ruby on Rails example. The business is now Southeast Asia’s No.1 online vintage and preloved luxury website.

So why did we undertake this project?

Problem & Challenges:

  • The primary focus was to fulfil our client’s requirement of building an online portal that brought vintage fashion lovers closer to the products. Customers usually struggled to find vintage products online.

  • Even when they do, there was no clear structure or website to purchase. They wanted to provide a vintage user experience to every visitor on the website. The client also wanted to manage their suppliers, inventory, etc., under one roof.

  • We showed a few Ruby on Rails sample projects to the client, and they were sold. Since this idea was new to our developers, we faced several challenges related to the development process.

  • The biggest challenge our Ruby on Rails development services team faced was to decide on the best E-commerce platform for development. After careful analysis of our client’s requirements, we finalized Spree Commerce.

Solution & Features:

  • Spree Commerce provided developers with significant customization capabilities. It has been useful for RoR projects in the past and offered a flexible approach to the development of The Fifth Collection as well.

  • We included all the features required to deliver the best user experience. It contained customized checkout, multi-currency support, recommendation engine to upsell/cross-sell, Manage Customer wishlist, Faceted search, Narrowing Search options and much more.

  • From the sellers perspective, we included Manage account(order, inventory and shipping per seller), Support for managing Sale and Coupons, Revenue sharing model, Optimize shipping rates, Automate Online Advertising and scaling.

Here’s the complete success story.

2. Appruv – Loan Management Platform

Loan Management Platform

Our Ruby on Rails consulting services span across multiple industries. One such Ruby on Rails projects examples is Appruv – a FinTech product.

Appruv is a loan management platform for sales officers that allows them to create on-demand, pre-approved letters and loan calculation.

How did our developers handle the Ruby on Rails project idea?

Problems & Challenges:

  • The client did not have any idea about the technology for building the platform. We suggest Ruby on Rails application development because of its ability to create secure, scalable, and rapid applications.

  • The sales officers had to go through a lengthy process for developing pre-approved letters. It was a lengthy process – one which the client was seeking us to solve.

  • The current process was forcing buyers and realtors to witness a lot of lost opportunities because of the time taken in the process.

  • Loan and Mortgage was a new industry that we hadn’t explored until Appruv. But it could be said that our developers did exemplary work as the client sent us a testimonial afterword, which said, “Never expected anything like this to happen.”

Solution and Features:

  • Since the application required automatically processing the pre-approval letters and generating loan calculations, our developers took it as a cool Ruby on Rails projects opportunity.

  • They conducted complex calculations for creating a solution that enabled homebuyers to easily get letters. Ruby on Rails web development was the key technology for this solution.

  • Users could create their personal profile, manage their information through the centralized dashboard, know about updated interest rates, download pre-approval letters.

  • Appruv was one of those Ruby on Rails projects where we used high-functional RubyGems to integrate functionalities and make the application feature-rich. Read more about the best RubyGems and how they can help your application.

Here’s the complete success story.

3. Butlr – Healthcare Platform

Butlr – Healthcare Platform

Next in line is an amazing Ruby on Rails project that our developers worked on to improve the healthcare outcomes. The project is called Butlr.

Butlr is a therapist search platform that allows users to find the right therapist based on several filters and characteristics. The platform searches for the therapist and matches it against the customer’s requirements. Along with Ruby on Rails, we used ReactJS to build the platform.

Here’s what we did for the Ruby on Rails project:-

Problems & Challenges:

  • The client told us their requirement that people were not able to find the right therapist for themselves. They were struggling to find someone who can help them out.

  • On top of that, when people found a therapist, there was no information about their availability. Clients need a therapist in urgent situations but didn’t know if they could contact them.

  • Apart from that, real-time communication between clients and the therapist was also an unsolved issue.

  • We have worked with a lot of Ruby on Rails projects ideas, but this one was different. Since this was a human-centric platform, we had to build functionalities that provided a more personal touch.

Solutions & Features:

  • Our Ruby on Rails developers built the perfect solutions that could match the therapist with clients based on their requirements. We added filters of location, gender, age, and specialization. It helped in providing a human touch to the platform.

  • It was a unique and cool Ruby on Rails project. We incorporated and automated wellness assistant for scheduling appointments. It also offered a personalized reminder to the client for their upcoming meeting with the therapist. We added notifications and feature for real-time communication between the client and the therapist.

Here’s the complete success story.

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