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In-house or off-the-shelf anti-bot solutions?

As I was working on my latest project I wondered what was everyone’s experience in this category regarding in-house vs. off-the-shelf solutions.

As you most likely already know bots can have a negative impact on your website in a variety of ways:

  • Wasting server resources, thus slowing down response times for human visitors
  • Scraping the website content, which was made to be unique
  • Faking human-generated content (eg. customer reviews)
  • Performing various malicious action

Also, in the world of eCommerce bots are able to monitor prices, fake orders and monitor stock levels.

So, if you’ve been using an anti-bot solution, did you have it “tailor-made” or was it off-the-shelf? How satisfied are you with it? Were you able to measure if it was a good investment? How did you come to the conclusion that you should use one in the first place?

Let me know!

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