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I agree with you completely. I got a degree in CS when I realized that all I wanted to do was code. At the time I didn't really consider getting hired I just wanted to understand how software worked from the lowest level to the user experience. In the degree I was in we started with a high level language for a single class (C#) then we went down to C++ to learn the intricacies of memory management, threading, etc. Our first algorithm and data structure classes were in C++, then we had to learn assembly. After the initial algorithm gauntlet, we were encouraged to use any language we wanted for the theory classes. I learned more in exploring the ways that different languages played middleman between the developer and the machine than I would have studying theory or languages on my own. Given clear goals, guidance, and free range brought to light the similarities between all languages. Doing this definitely reinforced the idea that the language, structures, and algorithms were just tools there for us to come to an end goal. Without the guidance of the degree I don't think I would have been nearly as ready to jump into a developer position as I would have had I studied on my own.

The CS degree I did a lot of devs would say was lower level than they would want, but with the understanding of how everything works from metal to face gives insight to how we interact with hardware that can be taken to a higher level and expanded on.

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