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Alfred,, Stack Overflow, and Dash for quick reference on my programming

Okay, so I wanted to write something short today and I thought, "why not write about the new features on your dotfiles that you added this week?" So that's what I wanted to talk about. Here goes. Do take note that I haven't written anything in, like, a few months so please go easy on me.

Alfred, and Stack Overflow

First, Alfred. Well, this honestly has been on my machine for quite some time now. It's a spotlight alternative for OSX but it doesn't stop there. You can customize it more especially when you have powerpack in it. Although, in this article, I'm not going to talk about that because I myself do not have powerpack. It's paid, sorry. What I wanted to mention regarding Alfred are the custom web searches. I configured my Alfred web searches to search through stack overflow whenever my query on it starts with > and then if the query, however, starts with ; it will then search on Take a look.


Pretty neat if you ask me. It has been quite helpful after I added it so I probably will use it for a long time.


Dash, on the other hand, is an API Documentation Browser and Code Snippet Manager. It's an app where I can reference methods whenever I need them. Let's say I didn't know what private on Ruby is, I can just search it on Dash. It also works offline which is a plus. What's more? You can add it directly to your Vim which is insane! I've set it up so that if my cursor block is on top of the word private and I hit ;d on normal mode, it will automatically search private on Dash. Which is super awesome! Take a look!


Cool stuff, am I right? I'm really pumped up with these additions to my workflow and I think this is, by far, the best addition in my workflow to date.

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