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I went to business school and had a prof that said that he'd inevitably get at least one student per semester who would show up at office hours, close the door, and--almost whispering--ask for advice about his or her "amazing" business idea.

He said that any business idea worth having won't be compromised if someone figures out what you're doing. In other words, if your idea is so easy to copy that you can't even talk about it, the market will soon be flooded with competitors who will drive down profits. Ideas that can't make money aren't good.

I also read advice from another guy who said you don't have to worry about competitors stealing your ideas. He framed it this way: take one of your better ideas and see if you can get a competitor to "steal" it by sending it to him in an email. Provide all the details you want. Your competitors already have their own plans and challenges and are too busy to "steal" your ideas.

Think of all the guys and gals with software ideas telling everybody who will listen about their ideas in the hopes of getting VC funding. They want people to know what they are doing.

So, shout out your ideas from the rooftops, Allan. It won't do any harm (and you might even find someone to help you).


Shout from the rooftops😁

Roger that. Again, I personally do not fear sharing ideas. Really enjoying reading what others have to say

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