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Onboarding plan for your Newcommers

Before newcommers first day

  • The best choice for the first working day is the first day of the week.
  • Create the corporate email for the new employee.
  • Create all other accounts (Slack, GitHub, etc.).
  • Prepare the workplace (laptop, monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc.).
  • Prepare the access to the office.
  • Send invites to the necessary systems.
  • Schedule the meetings for the first week.
  • Prepare goals and KPIs for the first month.
  • Create an onboarding plan.
  • Prepare video records (Product Overview, Codebase Overview, etc.). - this will help to avoid unforeseen matters, situations on the day of onboarding on your part - the new employee will know what to do at any time.
  • Prepare all the technologies / approached documentation that might be new or important to the employee.

Onboarding plan (just an example)

Task/Day Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
1. Checkup Email, accept all the invitations, create all the necessary accounts (Meet): Daily
2. (Meet): Daily (Video): Testing Workshop
3. (Video): Engineering Playbook Overview (Meet): Q&A Session
4. Engineering Playbook Reading Set up and run project(s) locally
5. (Video): Product Overview: figma, env, and storybook Play with codebase, investigate it
6. (Video): Jira Overview (Meet): Q&A Session
7. (Video): Project Overview (codebase)
8. (Video): Swagger Overview

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