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3 Android Studio plugins for productive development

Rainbow brackets

The codebase usually gets bigger and bigger and you should take care of nested for loops or some other nested function scopes. This plugin will color every scope you have with the different brackets color so you can easily track in which scope you are working. Read more about this plugin.


This is my favourite one. It tracks how much time you spent on your project, on which classes and which lines of code. There is free and paid version so you can choose which features you want. I am currently using free version and it's great! If you want to know how much time you spent daily on some tasks or you should log your time if you are working in a company which requires logging, then just try it.
Read more here

Json to Kotlin

Another great plugin that helps you generate Kotlin classes out of nothing 🧐. Just kiddin'. If you provide any JSON string/JSONSchema or any URLs that returns a JSON string/JSONSchema as a response you can generate the classes. It saves so much time. But anyway, sometimes you should refactor a bit if you have too much repeating data classes which are redundant. Read more here

Key promoter X

Title said three, but you get to fourth one. Bonus plugin for the long term investment in learning the AS shortcuts.
If you want to be more productive, you should learn to use shortcuts in Android Studio. This plugin will alert you everytime you open something in AS if there is a shortcut for that action. You can, of course, disable alerts but the more you have it, the more you learn. If there are no shortcuts for some action, the Key promoter X will provide option for your custom shortcut.
Read more here

Happy coding!

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Mohammed Anas

Nice one, Thanks for the plugins

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You're welcome! :)