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Do this 1 thing to have more productive meetings

napravicukod profile image Rudolf Jurišić ・1 min read

Once a week we have a development department meet where we discuss many topics from our day-to-day work and plans for the future.

To be as productive as possible, we have a record template for each meet. This record template consists of:

  2. FIXED TOPICS - topics we go through every week
  3. NEW TOPICS - everyone brings topics for the group discussion
  4. DISCUSSION - log of everything we discussed
  5. ACTION ITEMS - tasks on specific things for specific developer

❗Make sure your Fixed topics list contains "Last week record action items review" where you all review the previous Action items.

You can add and remove stuff from fixed topics and experiment with new things you want to achieve or go through on weekly basis.

We use Paper for this template, you can check it out and create your own productivity booster like ours .

Here's an example list of our Fixed Topics:
- Last week record action items review
- Code metrics – our internal system of gamification
- Education topic for this week
- Blog posts we create (internal and external)
- Shame my code – chance to show your current code and ask for advice
- Employer branding stuff – Things we can share with the outer world

Hope it helps!

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