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Awesome Shopify Resources for 2022

Shopify released a lot of new features in 2021, and naturally new tools and resources needed to be developed to cover new features. Next is a list of awesome Shopify Resources for 2022 which will help you to create modern Shopify storefronts.

1. Dawn

Dawn is Shopify's own open source theme with performance, flexibility, and Online Store 2.0 features built-in and acts as a reference for building Shopify themes. Its great for using it as a starter theme for your new Shopify project.

2. Dawn Figma files

If you will use Dawn as a starter theme for a Shopify project, Shopify give us this great Figma file with all Dawn's components/sections/templates that you can send to designer to speed up the design process.

3. Shopify Markets

In my opinion Shopify Markets will be the biggest update to Shopify since releasing Online Store 2.0 but will be even bigger than that. Markets will finally allow us to create Market-specific buying experiences. That means native multiple currencies, languages, language specific domains, duties collection for each market etc. It's currently available as a preview feature so I suggest that you don't sleep on this one!

4. Hydrogen

Another great open source Shopify resource, but this time for creating headless experience. Hydrogen is React-based framework for building custom storefronts on Shopify which gives you everything you need to start fast, build fast, and deliver the best personalised shopping experiences.

5. Helium

Helium is a great resource for using newest Online Store 2.0 features with modern build tools. Helium will allow you to use ES6, SCSS and hot module reloading for both. Great to use in combination with Shopify's Dawn.


Hull is another resource for creating headless experiences, but Hull is a complete starter powered by Next.js + It has a lot of features so you can use it as a complete solution for your headless project.

7. Shopify Theme Lab

Another complete headless solution, but this time for the Vue.js fans, and also you can swap Vue.js for pretty much anything if that stack is not suitable for project.

8. goCart.js

A complete open source Shopify Ajax cart solution written in vanilla JS. This plugin includes Ajax cart drawer, Ajax mini cart, add to cart modal, and error modal. Developed by Bornfight's frontend team and new, re-written version will be released this year.

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