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4 tips for creating habits

Rudolf Jurišić
・1 min read

Here are some important things when it comes to creating habits.
Implementing some of these ideas will increase your chances of success.

1. Never miss twice

You’re allowed to skip once. This rule will prevent you from the all or nothing mentality which people usually accept for some reason.

2. It takes time (compound interest)

Get 1% better each day and in 1 year you’ll be 38 times better (3800% increase). And here’s math to prove it: 1.01^365 ≈ 38 🙂
But. On day 10 you'll be "just" 10% better and result won't be spectacular or you might not even notice them.

3. Keep the difficulty in just the right zone

In order to be motivated, don’t ask too much of yourself in the beginning. If I want to achieve typing faster by typing 20 minutes daily, I would start typing everyday for 5 minutes (and then increase the duration over time).

4. Start small

If you are creating a habit to start running, for example, and you’re feeling hesitant at the moment, put your running shoes on. You’ll play a little trick on yourself. 🙂

These concepts or rules can be used in many situations.
What are your experiences? Do you have any tips?

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