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Marcos Borges
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7 Ways to Change Your Life in One Year

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Your entire life can change in one year πŸ™Œ

We often overestimate what we can do in a day and underestimate what we can do in a year. Changing your entire life is possible in less than a year, requiring only a little effort per day.

Below, I share what I'm working on to change my life, and I believe it will be useful for you too.

Consistency does not require perfection

1. Focus on Daily Effort

To change your life this year, you will certainly set goals and define the results you want to achieve. However, if you only focus on reaching those goals, there's a high chance you might become frustrated and give up.

What I suggest is focusing on daily effort. Initially, the results don't matter; what's important is that you are actively working to make your dreams come true.

Keep in mind that a journey of several kilometres is composed of small steps. Take a small step every day, and you'll be amazed at the results.

2. Set Clear Goals

This is not an easy task! When you know what you want to achieve, it makes it easier to work on it every day. If you don't know what to do, I recommend being patient with yourself; everything will come naturally.

Setting clear goals helps you focus and know where to put your efforts each day. So, think about what you want to change, be clear about it, and take small steps every day to make it happen.

3. Set a Daily Routine

A daily schedule helps you prioritise your wants and needs efficiently. Don't waste time with todo-lists, focus on the daily effort to make your dreams come true.

My favourite strategy is to be flexible; that is, some routines follow a well-defined schedule, but most can simply be a list of three important tasks for the day.

4. Get Ready for the Challenges

Plans may not always go as expected – accept it! The key is to quickly return to your goals. Recognise and confront challenges daily to build resilience and ensure ongoing progress despite obstacles.

5. Cultivate Good Habits

Working a little every day is better than working a lot once a week. Focus on your daily effort to achieve your goals, but remember to take care of your well-being. If you don't get enough sleep, don't have moments to relax or enjoy with friends and family, your productivity drops. Work hard, but enjoy life too!

6. Find a Partner or Community

When I was 15, I started learning about computers. At that time, I met DamiΓ£o, and every week, he learned something new before me πŸ˜’. This created a healthy spirit of competition between us, pushing me to learn quickly. Now, growing on LinkedIn, I found companions Charles and Clarisa, and together, we support each other in reaching shared goals.

Your journey will be easier if you share it with a friend or community. This is important to stay motivated and engaged.

7. Take it easy on yourself

Acknowledge that transformations take time, and it's okay not to have everything figured out immediately.

Set realistic goals, and don't be too hard on yourself if things don't go as planned. Embrace the learning process, viewing challenges as opportunities for growth rather than setbacks.

Break down larger goals into smaller, manageable steps, allowing yourself the space to celebrate each achievement πŸŽ‰

Reminder: You can change your entire life in less than a year with focused daily effort. So, what's stopping you from starting today?

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