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PHP Tek 2018 has begun!

Day 1 has begun at PHP[TEK] 2018!

cover of php tek conference website

I was able to attend a training session on Unit Testing given by Chris Hartjes. Chris is known as the Grumpy Programmer. He gave a solid intro to Unit Testing with PHP, and dove into deeper topics like data providers and doubles.

The first talk of the conference was a solid talk on Community by Margaret Staples. I've heard a good bit of talks on community in the dev world, and was nice to hear some practical expectations and examples of community in this landscape. Thanks Margaret for inviting everyone to go see Deadpool 2. Even after an initial invite, she followed up with another reach out to see if anyone else could make it.

Margaret Staples Tweet

Now, I'm enjoying a lovely talk on Biometrics by Adam Englander. Adam detailed the history and current trends of biometrics and made myself feel a little bit better by saying "The majority of us in the world are not high-value targets." First step is to change all my passwords to something not on this list.

Adam Englander Presenting

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