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Should I Learn Math First, Then Rust or C, or Can I Learn Mathematics and Rust, C Simultaneously?

First of all Hi Everyone, I'm New to Rust. I'm Currently Learning C# and Bought a Rust Language Book.

I've been learning C# for a while and I've been learning Basic and Discrete Math for a few days at the same time.

The language I want to learn is C first and then Rust.

I Have A Question For You Should I Learn Rust or C After I Finish Basic and Discrete Mathematics? or Should I Learn Mathematics and C at the Same Time?

Let me give an example:

16 April 08.00 - Basic & Discrete Mathematics
16 April 15.00 - C Programming Language
16 April 18.00 - Basic & Discrete Mathematics


16 April 08.00 - Basic & Discrete Mathematics
16 April 20.00 - Basic & Discrete Mathematics

20 June 08:00 - Basic & Discrete Mathematics Lesson (Finished)
21 June 08.00 - C Programming Language Training (Started)

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My personal opinion is learn math first and then later invest time into Rust and C#.

If you are really good at math, you could eventually take both courses/lectures at the same time simultaneously but keep in mind that sooner or later, either math or C language will become complex to the point where you could melt your brain with information to the point where some people give up because they just can't take it all.

Taking math first will help you develop logical thinking and once you have all the basics and major things covered, you could then take any programming language course with as programming is like mathematics but solving problems with code.

Good luck!