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I left the company after 3 years

boobo94 profile image Bogdan Alexandru Militaru Originally published at ・3 min read

I left the company that I worked for, Airtouch New Media and I consider this a good move for my career. I had few months of thinking before to take the final decision.

Why I left the company?

After 3 years I felt myself overwhelmed of tasks that I didn't want, tasks that I had to work on because I had the skills or I could. This didn't help me in my career, because I had a lot of tasks which were not related to backend.

I liked the part when something new came to me and I had to figure it out, but I want to be more focused on backend, trying to be an expert at something. It's nice to know things from multiple areas and I consider this very helpful for everyone, but spending time on subjects like exporting reports from database or doing DevOps, fixings servers and doing development for many projects in parallel didn't fit to my current priorities.

How were these 3 years?

Awesome, super culio. It was a very nice period in my life with a lot of challenges. I had to work remote for 1 year and half and another year from the office. I learned about self-discipline, developed communication skills and not the least I become better at programming.

The company had a diversified portfolio and this allowed me to learn a lot of things. The team that I worked in was not big and this made me to feel the co-workers my family.

Why I consider this period very useful?

I left the company because doesn't fit my current needs, but I consider the time invested valuable.

Airtouch allowed me to jump in multiple technologies for back-end, front-end, hybrid for mobile, voice development with Amazon Alexa, AWS and DevOps.

I had a very nice environment, and we had a very good period together, as a team in the office.

What I wanted to be changed?

For a very long period until the last moment when I left the company, I tried to improve the management which for me was chaotic. I'm not talking about management board, but more about trying to find a solution which doesn't put the whole pressure in the developer's head.

As a software developer I had to maintain our internal infrastructure, to discuss with my team about projects that I was involved in, take care of deployments and others. The volume of work wasn't low, but the problem I felt was about the speed of changes about my priorities. I had to work on something, then to jump in another task(different project) and so on, sometimes too much different projects or technologies in the same day. This strategy I didn't consider useful for the final product and I tried to offer the best quality with the time I had.

What's next?

I looked forward, trying to find the best solution for me and collecting enough experience from different sizes of business. I signed with a bigger company and for the moment I'm trying to offer value and grow my skills.

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