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How I found a simple UI Viewer for InfluxDB

Bogdan Alexandru Militaru
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Hello fellas, I spend more than 30 minutes today to find a simple tool that allows me to query on InfluxDB. This DB is new for me, so I don’t use it before. I had to inspect some stuff there and I had to find a tool that offers me the freedom to see some records.

After spending some time trying to understand what should I download from the official documentation, I arrived on multiple websites that presented me with some fancy paid options. In the end, I discovered with happiness something cool enough for me, it’s simple, but for read-only operations, it satisfies me.

You can check the Github repository, or download it directly InfluxDB WorkBench [Download Mac or Download Windows]. I discovered another option for Windows as InfluxDB Studio if you want another option.

I hope you find this article useful, so please give it a share or leave me a comment for other other suggestions and I promise you that I’ll put them right here, in this article.

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