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Fake opinion about fake advice

Bogdan Alexandru Militaru
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Fake opinion about fake advice it’s our topic today. Hello everyone and I hope you’re good with this pandemic situation over our head.

One desire for this year was to read more because maybe this year I’ll launch, for the time my own product and I’m currently working to validate my business idea. With this plan in mind, I started to accomplish my desire. I’m not a big fan of fiction readings. I started to read about business and tech, the subjects that I’m interested in.

Fake idolization

I don’t know about you, but I am spammed with a lot of articles or videos on Youtube about Robert Kiyosaki. Who is this guy, what he does and why, you can check him in the linked attached or search online, I’m not a big fan of Google Search Engine, that’s why I suggest DuckDuckGo. I was not interested in his life, but more about his stories and how can I learn something from them. And my advice for you is to learn from stories described in books that you read, not from the author’s life.

Looking over the internet and through all the materials that pop-up to me, I started to give him some credit and to read his books. Last year I finished his best-seller, Rich Dad Poor Dad and firstly I postpone the book for some weeks because I lost my interest in his repetitive words. After some time I restarted to read the book and I tried a few others: Guide to investing, Increase your financial IQ and Retire Young Retire Rich. I planned to read more until one day when I stopped my audiobook (via Youtube) and I realized that I don’t get too much information from those books.

What I’ve learned from 4 books written by Robert Kiyosaki? to stop listen to fake advice. I’m not in doubt that he is doing money, but I am really happy that I didn’t buy those books. He is doing money by saying some loosely words and catch some people who try more and more to find the solution from his books to become rich. The strongest idea from his book that I fulfilled my brain is to don’t procrastinate, better start now, because now is better than later. I’ve written an article on this subject You have time to work later, better start now so you can have a look there.

Create a fake opinion

I had to realize that is easy to create a fake opinion about something when I listen to fake advice. What I’ve learned from his books is that I really need to go in real estate, because either way, I cannot succeed. I don’t get any valuable information about how to start, where to start and more importantly why to start?

When you have a fake opinion about something, you probably don’t realize that your opinion is fake. Because it is yours, so how that can be fake, is real and alive. But let’s recap you think you have some valuable information, but it is not valuable at all. That information maybe is valuable, but not for you, actually, that information just takes you around 5$, paid on a book.

I started to move my head forward and search for more books or articles which can grow my learning curve about the financial sector, business, and startups. And I found a lot of other articles that can help me in my career, life, business and some of them are free. I share some articles with you every week in my Good Readings series and it’s totally free or maybe it costs you only a subscribe.

Don’t listen to fake advice, use valuable advice

The first solution to stop listening to fake advice is by trust, you should trust your information source. If you read or listen to something more than 5 or 10 minutes and you don’t get any information from that, there are small chances to obtain more information after that. In my head right now is how can I write directly on the subject and without too many words, to send the information from my head directly to you, not to spread the words around the world.

Paid can be fake too

We sell a lot of things on the internet. We sell books, courses, articles, tutorials, and others. Some of them are paid with money, some with time. It’s your time that can be spent valuable or not. Try to filter more what you buy, before buying it, because after that you will invest besides money, time as well.

Trying to learn more about how to make validate a business idea and how to build an MVP I start looking over the internet. I searched for some articles and I found a lot, but too few were valuable. One of the best articles found is Deep Dive into Validating Your Business Ideas and this information is awesome and free.

Then I considered an option to pay something to someone to teach me a few things and I searched on Udemy. I found some of them free, but nothing good enough and then I found two courses very comprehensive courses.

Idea Validation: From Idea to Paying Customer in One Day and 1 day MVP 2.0 | Go from idea to MVP in just 1 day don’t worry, I won’t promote them, there is not affiliate link. Maybe the first one is on half good and was able to take some notes, but in the other half, I felt like I learned about how to create a website using some online tools. The second one makes me realize that I’ll lose my time if I join so I moved over. These were just examples of how something free can be better than something paid. Don’t think that everything paid is good, and even if it is, not necessary is good for you.

Validate every source before to spend time on it, because time is the most valuable resource that you have. Invest in yourself, not in real estate, because investing in yourself will give you more money and others than a house.

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