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Bolisetty Sujith Author

Thanks for taking the time and suggesting changes to improve the project. As of now the project is in the developing stage, I built it focused on the specifications of my desktop(Dell G3) and the features are frequently improving, I will look into your problem and surely fix the issue soon.

If you are interested and want to test out, feel free to fix and send a PR, it will be very helpful.

Thanks, Happy coding : )

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I'm not an expert in python, being a teenager, yet still I managed to redesign the GUI in QtDesigner but even after that, it seems to be dead and not working. Thus I had to edit some codes and bypass the use of GUI and use console instead. It atleast could response, listen and work. That's the thing we can expect from an A.I.

Even after the these problems, the result is awesome and more than satisfying. I can understand how difficult and complicated it is to develop such projects, so I appreciate your work and thanks a lot for the response.

Happy Coding too ; )