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How To Create Window 11 Pro with Azure Virtual Machine

Azure Virtual Machines is an infrastructure of a range of networking capabilities and related services such as Azure Virtual Network, public and private IP addresses, network security groups, virtual private networks (VPN), and Azure ExpressRoute that enable connectivity and security and ensure high availability for your applications.

Windows 11pro virtual machine is an Azure resource which offers flexibility, convenience, and the ability to explore and test the latest version of windows without making permanent changes to your primary operating system or hardware, with a windows 11pro virtual machine you can create a customized environment to meet your desire or needs.

The following steps below will guide you to create your Azure windows 11pro virtual machine:

i) Sign in to your azure account,( your fee or pay as you go subscription account) type virtual machine on the search bar on your azure account

ii) From the search result, select "Virtual Machine" from the list of resources displayed

iii) Click on the "Create" button

iv.)Select the virtual machine highlighted. Then you will be directed to "Basic"

v) From the Basic, fill in all the required boxes, (particularly the asterisks) ranging form project details, instances details and the rest

vi) When you get to the down page, an arrow will direct you to the other page, which is "Disks"

vii) Fill up the required boxes and move to the next page with your toolbar. Continue the process till you get to the last page of "Review + Create"

viii) Once you click on the create button, your resource will go through the deployment process, once that's successful, click on the "Go to Resource" button

ix) Click on the "connect" button, then Click on "Download RDP file"

x) Open the downloaded RDP file and click "connect"

xi) Input your username and password, click ok, then Yes

xii) Welcome!! You are connected to your Windows 11 Pro.

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