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Why join me at HalfStack Vienna 2023

There are conferences for Web, and there are conferences for Web. If you look at the conference calendar, you will see multiple of them. You might wonder to which one to go this fall. And you will be correct. There are so many.

I want to introduce you to an event that could change how you define a "good conference experience" for yourself.

The event is called "HalfStack," and it runs in several cities, but my pitch for you is for their Vienna event because I will be speaking there.

HalfStack events are fun, creative, single-track events hosted in relaxed environments focusing on the attendee experience, with great food, drinks, talks, swag, and community. It's different from your ordinary tech event.

If you look at the speakers and their talks, you will see that for just one day, you will learn a lot about APIs, Javascript, Team management, building stuff, and how to bring fun back to your developer's life!

Then, you might realize that the event is just half done because the rest of the activities are before you. You can mingle with the speakers and other fellow attendees and even participate in some funny actions. All of this is included in your ticket!

What is my talk about?

After three days at a metal festival, I realized something sad. In the software world, we don't have fun at work anymore. I am not talking about the HR-inspired fun; I am talking about the joy that comes from the inside. I want to change that and challenge you to bring back our fun.

My career in IT started as a servant to programmers, fixing a line or two in the code, and now I am a director in a vast international privacy company. If I look back, it was different. Oh gosh, we had so much fun in the past.

Do you remember the chair rowing? Do you remember how amazed we were to crash a keyboard or two on each other backs? Do you remember us singing songs about Java while writing fake protocols?

What happened to us?

I don't know when it happened, but it seems that at some point recently, most of the world decided that IT is an elite profession that needs to produce only value no matter what.

This is a great tragedy, and it must be rectified. Why do we have feelings, emotions, and personalities if we no longer have fun?

In the talk, I will take you on a retrospective journey through the years to see what went wrong and how we fix it together. It's more like an art provocation than talk, so please keep your mind open to learn something new.


Thanks for reading this small pitch that looks like a marketing message, but it's not. It comes from my heart!

As a thank you gift I am ready to give you a 10% discount. Click here to get a ticket with the discount.

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